What's new in the latest Mazda 3 2019?


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Mazda 3 has come to challenge the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus in terms of performance and style. Definitely one of the best hatchbacks of all-time. Click here to see Mazda 3 2019 review!

It is high time Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus looked over their shoulders. Mazda 3 has a reputation to maintain in this new model. Its strong pedigree for offering sharp, dynamic hatchback for families, enough to Ford Focus a fast run for its worth as far as exciting driving experience is concerned. The new model promises well stabilised chassis, quick responsive steering, slick manual gearbox, incisive handling and fizzy gasoline using engine. If you tag Mazda 3 as one of your hatchbacks of all time, we won’t argue with you a bit.

It appears that the first impression after testing looks really promising with very attractive look. The cabin of Mazda 3 2019 has also been upgraded to taste. You can place its exterior and interior design as one of the best in its range. For 20,595 euro (~N8.4 million) for the starting price of SE-L, entry level is like bargain of a lifetime.


2019 Mazda 3 sedan has a refreshed look

You have the option of two engines – 114 horsepower diesel using engine and the 120 horsepower gasoline using engine. The petrol using engine is a compressed clever new ignition system, which is the very first of its kind known as SkyActiv-X, will be coming to market this year also. The front wheel is driven via a 6-speed manual gear box in this 2.0-liter. Nothing seems as forced induction as such has been covered by its 157 pound feet of torque till you get to 400rpm.


The majestic hatchback of all time - 2019 Mazda 3

It makes use of Macpherson struts up suspension at the front. It uses a rear torsion beam contrary to the free multi-link arrangement.

2019 Mazda 3 – Design overview

The wheel looks really classy from the rear. Thanks to minimalist approach by the Japanese in design its cabin. The dash lend’s multiple Horizontal surfaces look very tidy with small control collection specifically for HVAC system, the obviously populated buttons. This is an interactive improvement on the used glossy and large touchscreens by many brands.

This really placed Mazda on a whole new pedestal. For the sake of safety, the automaker has deployed an 8.8-inch infotainment screen, which couldn’t be controlled by finger prodding to avoid involuntary moving of wheel by the driver while trying to use it. Its software is quite impressive and well updated in graphics. Instead, the rotary console (centre) when dialled will do the interactive job for you.


2019 Mazda 3 interior design is well styled and easy to access. Topnotch in its class

There is an upscale appearance with the type of material used for the GT Sport tech model. It offers enough ambience more than what it will cost. Ford Focus is really outclassed in its chrome bright work, glossy black trim and leather upholstery. The only rival in this area is the Volkswagen Golf. We think Mazda should be commended in this area.

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The 2019 Mazda 3 steering feels so light and direct, enough to drive well for most parts. It could easily lend a unique sense of agility with a good grip front from the front end. There is a progressive version with the way the subtle body level rolls. It moves through corners or bends graciously with precision.


The cabin design and space of the 2019 Mazda 3 hatchback is quite remarkable and commendable

The slight setback where the Ford and Volkswagen products could have an edge is the aftermath of running torsion beam close to the arrangement of the suspension, which would lead to slight compromise in the secondary quality of ride especially on rough tarmac stretches where this model would get really unsophisticated. On the bright side, this is not a deal breaker. It only gives slight advantage to the rival in that regard.

The Mazda 3 2.0-liter engine lacks the character and muscle of Eco-boost petrol using engine in Ford. To reach the torque peak, you might need to raise the engine until you get to 400rpm.

Mazda 3 2019 review

We have this strong feeling that the fact that Mazda overlooking turbocharging might have worked in this model advantage. There is no need forcing an interaction with the incredible 6-speed box. So, you would love this model if you are the kind of person who likes involving driving experience. Its fuel economy is remarkable and the cabin is properly distanced from the noise coming from the engine. With the coming of the mid-hybrid technology, it seems lot of features would be aided in this car.

Should you buy a Mazda 3 2019?

Except the presence of secondary rough edged ride in its ointment, it is the kind of car you would love buying. Its shifting gearbox is top notched and the position of driving is amazing. The interior design is stylish and well finished. There is a lot of eagerness and playfulness in its handling.

Truth be said, so far so good, Mazda 3 2019 only rivals in its segments are only Volkswagen and Ford. It gives you a tough asthmatic performance level and comes with an obvious busy ride. The coming of the new SkyActiv-x engine is definitely worth waiting for.

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