Check the beauty of Lincoln Continental suicide door edition in its 80th anniversary!


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The Lincoln Continental marks its 80th anniversary. Now it's time to get excited with center-opening-door cars of the 20th century. See pictures and videos of this beauty below!

Ford Motor annouces the launch of the Lincoln Continental marks its 80th anniversary with a suiside door edition. Here provides you the coolest images of this new model.

The special Lincoln Continental has been designed to honor the Continental fourth generation (the 1961 edition), which was well-known for the suicide doors. It looks like any normal Continental car in the front and the back, but the differences come from both sides with the rear door designed inversely and a longer wheelbase and sedan. Therefore, the rear doors now look longer.


80th Anniversary of Lincoln car: 2019 Lincoln Continental suicide doors edition


The design of the 2019 Lincoln edition was to honor its 1961 model

Inside the car is a world of luxury. Designers have rearranged the rear seats to make them into comfortable individual chairs, equipped with a bigger center console and other amenities like a tablet holder and tray tables.


Luxury interior inside the car

Like any standard Continental Black Label car, the 2019 Lincoln Continental coach door cars will come with 400-hp twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6 engine. Owners of this model will also have the right to choose brown Thoroughbred or light-colored Chalet for cars’ interior upholstery like any owner of the Black label. 


The mark of 80th Anniversary

As revealed by Ford Motor, they will produce only eighty examples of this model, each will have special number plates and the delivery to customers will start in June 2019. Individuals who wish to possess this car must spend a huge amount of money, about over $100,000 (N36.4 million) and a plus of $20,000 (N7.3 million) for the upcharge.

Also informed by the American carmaker, there is an increasing demand for these Lincoln Continental suicide door cars so they may produce many for 2020 edition but won’t have the special designation of the 80th Anniversary. Therefore, if you want a historic car, order it as soon as possible.

Video: First look at the 2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition

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