Lexus will roll out LY 650 luxury yacht prototype this year!


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Lexus has ventured into the world of luxury yachts as its set to launch the LY 650 luxury yacht. You haven't seen anything yet.

As we have reported earlier this year, Lexus aims to build luxury yacht - the Lexus LY 650!! and now there seems to be only a few days before we can see the product in real life! The Japanese car manufacturer is taking a chance outside car production, about to introduce their production-ready luxury yacht, the Lexus LY 650.

The premium yacht which was shown in a short video is going to be built by Marquis-Larson Boat Group located in the US. Lexus is collaborating with the boat company and Naijauto gathered that the 65-foot luxury performance yacht will also be sold and serviced by Marquis-Larson. This isn't the first boat that’s coming from Lexus though. In 2017, a twin V8 Sport Yacht Concept was revealed and the Lexus LY 650 will continue from there.


The 2019 Lexus LY 650 will be built by Marquis-Larson Boat Group

Last year, Lexus released some of the yacht's creations, which showed that it's sharing a resemblance with the 2017 Sport Yacht Concept. However, the 65-foot LY 650 is larger when compared to the 42-foot Sport Yacht.

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The interior of the Lexus luxury yacht

The luxury yacht will be equipped with a pair of 800 HP (597 kilowatts) IPS engines while its fuel capacity will be 1,000 gallons (about 3,785 liters). Not only that, the yacht's water capacity is going to be 225 gallons (852 liters).

Lexus has not disclosed when they will launch the premium Lexus LY 650. The number of units it will produce and the price wasn't revealed as well. What was only made known was that the prototype will debute globally in the second half of 2019.

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The luxury yacht will be equipped with a pair of 800 HP (597 kilowatts) IPS engines

Lexus isn't the only car manufacturing company that has ventured into luxury yachts. Two years ago, Porsche rolled out its Dynamic GTT 115 superyacht valued at $13.2 million (~N4.7 billion), though it's larger than the LY 650.

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