Lexus crashes EV party with the LF-30 Concept


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Lexus has a brand new entrant into the electric vehicle market, the LF-30 Concept. It offers augmented reality display among other features. Check it out!

After what seems like an eternity, Lexus is joining the movement of electric cars. The automaker makes a loud debut with the Lexus LF-30 Concept, which was unveiled at the recent 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.


The LF-30 Concept has a unique design

One look at the features of the LF-30, and you will know that the wait was worth it. The crossover of four seats makes a good combination of the brand’s key values of luxury and performance. It creates a new height for electric vehicles with its refinement, convenience and road feel.

Lexus LF-30 Concept four e-motors

The LF-30 comes equipped with no fewer than four e-motors, each to one wheel. This single act heightens the ability of the car. The driving experience is worth commending as drivers get to enjoy total control of the drive system amidst the confidence and comfort it offers.

Movement of the LF-30 is seamless with a flexible steering wheel that allows fluid turning. It aligns the wheels with the direction intent of the driver, attaining precision. This indicates that the automaker is sticking to its performance prowess even as it diversifies into the electric market.


Each wheel of the Lexus LF-30 is equipped with one e-motor

(Photo source: Slash gear)

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Lexus LF-30 Concept exterior & interior

Car performance may be paramount, but appearance also matters. Everyone likes to be the center of attraction when they pull over. Lexus understands this need in consumers. Hence, it sticks to its trademark of making cars that look appealing.

The front of the car gives off a McLaren-ish vibe. Same thing can be said about the rear end. Leveraging the unlimited design options that come with electric vehicles, Lexus designed the LF-30 with new proportions.

The doors of the LF-30 take a gullwing style – ushering you into the four-seater. The interior is loaded with latest design concepts, including displays of augmented reality. You will be impressed seeing the steering wheel fall back into the dash as the car is engaged in driving mode. With a length slightly below six meters, the LF-30 is spacious.


The gullwing door is so cool, isn't it?

According to the automaker, the LF-30 will be available in the market early next year, 2020. Price of the car has not been disclosed yet.  The electric-powered vehicle is proof of Lexus’ efforts to roll out its collaboration with Toyota in producing battery-electric vehicles, after what can be described as a slow start.

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