Lexus GXOR Concept Luxury SUV is right for off-roading adventures


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The new Lexus GXOR Concept Luxury SUV has just been introduced to satisfy the pickiest customers. The car is perfect for adventurous off-road trips. See its specs here!

For all you Naijauto readers that have been looking out for a Lexus SUV that will combine luxury with superb off-roading capabilities, it’s here!

Yes, it’s the newly unveiled Lexus GXOR Concept luxury SUV that made a big impression at the ongoing yearly Toyota FJ Summit where off-roaders are showcased in Colorado, United States.

This new GXOR is obviously a modified model coined from the perfect combination of GX Lexus models 460 and 470 with bespoke parts. The Lexus GXOR is an ultimate luxury SUV that comes with unmatched off-road capabilities.


For those in serious need of a luxurious Lexus SUV with off-roader capabilities – this is it!

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Lexus GXOR Concept SUV – What has it got?

Right on the rear fenders of this new SUV is a featured GXOR graphics printed on the matte metallic gray body of the off-roader; it also features a GXOR badge printed on the SUV’s custom front bumper, 160-watt Overland Solar panel, Rigid 50-inch light bar, Safari snorkel, rear tailgate and a General Grabber X3s of 18-inch F-Sport wrapped in 33-inch (275/70) wheels.  

The rugged-looking new Lexus GXOR SUV is powered by a strong V8 engine that delivers 301hp and 329 lb-ft of torque that gives it the capabilities of towing weight as much as 2,948 kg (6,500 lb).

Lexus GXOR | GX Off-road Concept Build

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