The Kubota X Tractor AI Robot is the autonomous future of farming


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Farming is about to get very easy with this electric and autonomous Kubota X Tractor, with the ability to quietly ploughing in fields.

The future is fast beckoning to us with technology  and it promises to be quite exciting. Just like other sectors, the agricultural sector will witness some of the most creative technological innovations, especially in the field of self-driving farm machines. This new Kubota X Tractor according to the automaker will be able to quietly work in the fields on its own. Kubota is indeed celebrating 130th anniversary in grand style with this new smart X Tractor concept.


Kubota is celebrating 130 years of existence by introducing the futuristic self-driving tractor

The Kubota X Tractor made its debut in Kyoto City during an exhibition in Japan and it has since given us a glimpse of what the future of farming will look like. Guess what? An amazing future filled with autonomous tractors equipped with electric powertrain (in-wheel motors, lithium-ion batteries and solar batteries) and article intelligence (AI).


Thanks to its 4 crawlers as this smart tractor can easily maneuver its way around any soil type or even uneven terrains

The company, Kubota, claims to be among the pioneers that started the integration of smart technologies into farming, with the sole purpose of tackling new-age issues confronting farmers such as low operating efficiency and labour shortage.


The electric autonomous tractor with its artificial intelligence will be able combat modern farming issues

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The Japanese manufacturer believes that this Kubota X Tractor has the ability to self-drive on rough terrains by using its crawlers and can also change its height depending on the situation. In case of any need for extra traction, the smart machine can make itself more secure by adjusting its center of gravity and lowering itself. When it is operating above the crops, it also has the capacity to increase its height and create more ground to undercarriage clearance.

The speed of the 4 crawlers can be changed momentarily by the electric powertrain’s in-wheel motors, so as to reduce the turning radius of the self-driving tractor. By so doing, maneuvering on different land types becomes easy as pie.

Kubota X Tractor Is An Electric AI Robot Tractor From The Future

It is very important for us to know that the course of the future is shaping itself towards self-driving technologies, which will also affect the agricultural sector in a great way by making farming very easy and ensuring greater output. Imagine this tech on a Nigerian farm!

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