Kia unveils a new electric commercial vehicle model called e-Soul Cargo


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South Korean automaker, Kia has just introduced a new electric commercial vehicle model that can transport small and medium-sized packages. See the car here!

During the course of the week, the South Korean auto giant, Kia unveiled a new electric vehicle model called the e-Soul Cargo. This new vehicle is a commercial EV designed specifically for the transport of medium and small-sized cargoes. This new e-Soul Cargo is designed to serve as an electric-powered alternative for transporting packages, pending the time when a new generation of commercial EVs will finally take over.


Kia unveils new commercial EV called e-Soul Cargo

The new name “e-Soul Cargo” isn’t just any randomly selected moniker but instead, it's just as you would have already suspected – the new car is a modified Kia e-Soul model. Part of the modification involved the removal of the rear seats to give room for extra cargo space. This new Kia e-Soul Cargo also comes with a metallic load floor that is fitted with 6 tie-down anchors as well as a separate hatch that provides direct access to the vehicle’s charging cable located underneath the floor.

This new model is also equipped with a strong metal rack that separates the cargo area from the passenger compartment. See photos below;


The new Kia e-Soul Cargo is simply a modified Kia e-Soul model that is designed to serve as a commercial transport EV

Some other notable features of this new Kia e-Soul Cargo includes;

  • Ventilated and heated leather seats
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • 10.25-inches infotainment system (plus TomTom Live Services) with compatibility for Apple Carplay and Android Auto
  • Premium Audio sound system (Harman Kardon)

In case you want to see just how much cargo can fit into the original Kia e-Soul EV, find out in the video below;

  Kia e-Soul banana box test

Speaking of electric transport vehicles, we are still awaiting further progress reports about the commercial electric vehicle launched in Nigeria recently by a company called JuSt Commercial Vehicles Ltd. We hope they are able to overcome the current challenges of running an electric car in Nigeria.

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