Karma (Fisker) debuts first fully-electric car, with terrific-looking doors


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After Karma’s (formerly known as Fisher) bankruptcy in 2013, the automaker has officially debuted its first all-electric car. Check it out!

Karma Automotive has revealed a sports car which came with terrific-looking doors. The car happens to be the company's first all-electric variant and it's being described as a "statement about the direction of Karma's future product offerings in both technology and design."

Formerly known as Fisker Automotive, the Southern California-based car manufacturer has experienced gloomy times as a result of bankruptcy back in 2013. During those years, a Chinese car parts corporation named Wanxiang Group purchased their assets and that of the automaker's battery supplier A123.

Since then, the company has been involved in some investment deals to relaunch its first vehicle called Karma.


Karma's first fully electric car will compete directly with Tesla models

Not only did they rename their company but the Karma car was also renamed to the Revero.

The new Revero was featured as a plug-in hybrid vehicle which bore some resemblance to the main Karma car. Karma premiered the new SCI Vision Concept this month at the Pebble Beach Concourse elegance and it's built on the company's first developed electric platform.

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While revealing the new SCI Concept, Karma's CEO, Dr. Lance Zhou stated that,

"The SC1 is a signpost to Karma’s future. Designed and engineered in less than 12 months, SC1 is a full battery electric vehicle that explores the brand’s striking design language and the innovative technology integration possible through our collaborative Open Platform strategy."


Karma said the car came with six Liar sensors, eight radars, and six external cameras

Asides from the information which Naijauto gathered about the new vehicle to be fully battery-electric, the automaker didn't disclose any other element concerning the car's powertrain. There focus at the moment is on its design.


The SCI Vision concept car came with terrific-looking doors

Talking about the vehicle's design, the company's VP, Global Design and Architecture, Andreas Thurner explained that,

"The SC1 Vision Concept draws its inspiration from Karma’s pioneering spirit. The SC1 is thought-provoking — it conjures a new definition of luxury and style with distinct Karma DNA."

Howbeit, Karma Automotive publicized some of the car's spec with regards to the sensor suite. It came with six Liar sensors, eight radars, and six external cameras.

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