Innoson introduced all-new 7-seaters & bus named African commute King


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The Nigerian-based car manufacturer, Innoson, has released new set of vehicles in December, set to offer more power, fuel efficiency and style. Click here to see its 2 all-new 7-seaters along with the Seriki bus!

The first Nigerian car manufacturer, Innoson, has decided to make December more exciting with the release of a new set of vehicles into the Nigerian auto market. From what we learnt, the company has released 3 different models, which was made known during the company’s press briefing on 6 December, 2016, at their headquarters in Nnewi, Anambra State.


Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) is setting pace for other African indigenous car manufacturers to follow

This announcement was made by the Chairman and CEO of Innoson Vehicles, Innocent Chukwuma (OFR). He made it known that the newly released vehicles will offer more fuel economy, durability, cost-effectiveness, and an overall improved technology. Check out these vehicles by Innoson:

1. Innoson IVM Ikenga

This is a suitable car for a moderately large family set up. The model comes fitted with 7-seater capacity, which will comfortably accommodate 7 people. It offers perfect aerodynamics curves that align well with the road flow, making it possible for you to have a feel of the potency and reliability of this model while cruising in it.


IVM Ikenga comes fitted with a Turbocharger for its automatic and manual transmissions

For its engine, it comes equipped with 1.8-liter engine and a turbocharger for its automatic and shift stick transmissions. It is no doubt an effective blend of fuel efficiency and power. It is powerful enough to achieve low exhaust emission, high output of power and reasonably low fuel consumption.

2. IVM G20 Smart

Like its name implies, it offers customers smart and exciting experience on the road. IVM G20 Smart is a perfect mixture of elegance and space. For a car of its class, it is indeed a good choice, as it comes fitted with 7-seater capacity. When the seats are up, customers get more cargo space and more room on the inside.


IVM G-20 Smart promises a remarkable interior space for its passengers, for a comfortable and exciting road trip

Its engine, 1.5-liter MPV engine, is a testament to how far Innoson has gone in terms of incorporating top-notch technology into its products.

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On this model, the company offers 2 variants, which are the Cargo and Passenger versions, equipped with powerful engine capacity. It is very versatile and a perfect chance for the automaker to further stamp its feet as the face of African automotive industry. It is a very good model for commuting people from one location to another, by imbibing regionalization in its production. It is built to meet all kinds of needs and varieties of taste.


IVM SERIKI is tagged as African's commute king, for its versatility and potency on the road

Innoson Vehicles’ strive towards excellence through its new releases will further benefit Nigerian auto industry and also put it on the global map.  

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