Drive this ₦126m Inkas Sentry Civilian to scare your passers-by with its heavy duty look


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The Inkas Armoured Sentry Civilian is a road-legal vehicle that looks like a heavy duty truck for military forces or serious police duties. Check its rugged look and powerful specs below!

Our taste for cars is unarguably different. While some would love stylish-looking sedan, some crave for beautiful Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs). This doesn’t mean there aren’t some who tend to be different, by opting for vehicles that drive fear in people anytime they take them to the road. One of those scary vehicles is the Inkas Sentry Civilian.


Sitting in an Inkas Sentry Civilian can get you through any checkpoint without difficulties

Powerful features on Inkas amoured Sentry Civilian

This Inkas Sentry Civilian (armoured) is based on the platform of Ford F-550, has been thoroughly modified with unique heavy-duty brakes, suspension components, and several other reinforced mechanical parts. It will be extremely hard to even think it has anything to do with the pickup truck by Ford, since its outside look is nothing like what we have ever seen before.


Its special heavy-duty brakes and suspension components make it an ideal vehicle for ultimate protection

For it exterior design, it offers ultimate protection for anything within. It features BR6 armour level, which includes reinforced door hinges, multi-layer resistant glass for bullets, battery and ECU protection, and many other pivotal structure points. This kind of vehicle looks ideal for those whose safety is under serious threat, such as politicians and other famous people in the society. No doubt, vehicle like this is normally used for serious police work or even military forces.


The Inkas Sentry Civilian offers a BR6 armour level, sufficient to keep you safe from any road threat

As a result of the underpinnings of this heavy-weight vehicle, it comes equipped with a turbo-diesel 6.7-liter engine with a generative output of 330 horsepower at 2300 rpm, mated to 6-speed automatic transmission powering all the 4 wheels.

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INKAS Sentry Civilian Edition APC

How it feels inside the Sentry Civilian from Inkas

For its interior design, it comes equipped with special features such as voice assistants for Apple, Google and Amazon. As a customer, the company has provided a chance to spec it to your taste from options such as night vision systems, high-end entertainment system, massaging seats in fine leather, chemical protection system and 360-degree camera with cloud recording.


Sentry Civilian's elegant cabin design is nothing like its rugged exterior look


Inkas has offered its customer the chance to choose the kind of interior that perfectly suits their taste

To get an armoured Inkas Sentry Civilian, you should prepare a starting price of $350,000 (₦126.5m), which excludes shipping fee and clearing cost in Nigeria.

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