Infiniti is set to launch its first electric car which will be made in China


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Infiniti seems to want to catch up with the current electric car trend as it sets to launch its first electric car which will be made in China. Read the gist below!

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Many renowned automakers are currently in this struggle to catch up with the trend of these electric cars innovation and only a few are left to join in. Nissan’s luxury division, Infiniti has now made its move by announcing that its first electric car will be a sporty sedan made in China. The car is dubbed the “Qx Inspiration” electric sedan as said by the Nissan officials.

Christian Meunier, the Infiniti Chairman gave a comment in a press statement saying: "China has the most growth potential for electric vehicles globally, especially in the premium segment."

Chinese automakers are having to sell more of the so-called “new-energy” cars, either the battery-powered electric cars or the PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) just to comply with the new official production quotas that have been designed to reduce smog and save the environment.

A spokesman for Infiniti said that the brand does not intend exporting the coming e-sedan from China and this makes it not so clear whether the brand plans to even produce its first EV in other markets outside China.


A close frontal view of the coming Infiniti e-sedan to be made in China

Brand officials have now declared that starting 2021, every single Infiniti vehicle model that will be launched should either be an all-electric car or a so-called “e-power” hybrids. This statement underlines the previously announced Nissan’s plan which was to make the brand “Infiniti” to be primarily an electric offering all around.

Infiniti stated in a press statement that this expected e-sedan will most likely be built all on a new and flexible architecture that is developed specifically to be able to accommodate electrified powertrains. Karim Habib, the design chief at Infiniti said the interior design of the coming e-sedan is expected to be different from that of all current models in a significant way. Electric vehicles don’t have any bulky gasoline engine and huge transmissions so, this opens up some space inside the car. Habib told Reuters that "It will have a flat floor, and if you are a passenger you can cross your legs or stretch out your legs."


This is how the expected Infiniti e-sedan looks like from the back

China is already experiencing competition in its rapidly growing electric car market which is also heating up amidst a current onslaught of impressive models coming from startups like WM Motor and Nio, as well as those coming from already established automakers too.

Also, in this luxury electric car segment, Infiniti’s new E-sedan should be really prepared to compete with giant models like Tesla Model X and Model S, as well as some other already proposed models expected to be launched in the coming months of 2019 by Lexus, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi.

New Infinity Qx Inspiration - Great electric vehicle car concept inside out

It is very obvious that a lot of giant automakers have already plunged into the electric vehicle’s space in the global auto market with China inclusive so, Naijauto hopes that Infiniti has all this considered and have good plans to outshine in the tough competition.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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