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It is definitely a car for the future and future definitely waits for no one. The concept is adapted from modular EV platform with the power to change bodily shape for specific function. Check details below!

Sometimes dreams do come through and today, we love taking you to that present and future about mouth-watering automobile inventions. You have always imagined what it will look like having the perfect kind of car that will be able to overcome pot holes, wet roads, dusty roads and roads in extreme bad condition. Look no further, we have a perfect answer for you - the Hyundai Elevate.

Hyundai has not disappointed us a bit with its flawless and eye catching designs and out of the world interior experience. So coming out with this kind of concept really deserves a nod and utter respect for this brand. Here on Naijauto – your No.1 automobile portal in Nigeria, you will know more about this car that takes us to the future.


Hyundai Elevate is adaptable to any terrain you could think of

What you should know about Hyundai Elevate

Hyundai Elevate concept is definitely a car for the future and future definitely waits for no one. The Concept is adapted from modular EV platform with the power to change bodily shape for specific function. This is really robotic technology in automobile at its best. One captivating feature in this car is its ability to move on wheel, walk and climb impossible paths. Unbelievable right? It is far becoming a reality. The robotic leg engineering is propelled by an electric actuator and can move into any direction.


Hyundai Elevate Concept 2019 is really the future of cutting-edge technological advancement

Despite the unbelievable walking technology that seems like mammals and reptiles, the legs can still form wheel and change into the mode of driving. This means that it cuts the power to the joint and enables the passive suspension system for optimal use and better battery efficiency. This also means that this amazing car can run very fast especially if you are on the highway.

Have you ever imagined a car climbing a wall of five feet? This invention is capable of climbing and as far as pot holes might be, it will easily step over it. One electrifying fact about this multi-functional vehicle is that, while it switches to its different modes, occupants of the car experiences stability and comfort.

Video: What you should know about Hyundai Elevate Concept

No matter the situations, the possibilities with Hyundai Elevate is endless. It can be used as a rescue car in any case emergency such as earthquake or other natural disasters. If the driver has any form of disability, the car is more than capable to perform driving assist functionality smoothly. There is no road in Nigeria that this car will not move on like a boss. This is really a car worth looking out for.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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