How iconic are the HUMVEE military vehicles? Meet the new front liners - the JLTVs!


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The new and advanced technology of the JLTV, the HUMVEE military vehicles might be replaced!

The high functionalities and impact of the High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled vehicle or HUMVEE for short, has been seen active in the battles for decades. However, like most things that are iconic at certain periods, time is usually the status changer.

With usage that has extended different terrains especially during a thirty-three month testing, some design flaws as well inefficiencies in the HUMVEE have been brought to the fore. This is what has opened the entrance for the new advanced Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTVs).

Naijauto brings you a juxtaposed comparison along seventeen design criteria, between the old iconic HUMVEE military vehicles and the new face of technology- the JLTV.


The JLTV deserves to beat the HUMVEE for the front line

Advanced vs. basic - this sums it up (The JLTVs and the HUMVEE military vehicles)

A few of the details of the JLTVs are still classified as some of these details are yet being developed. However, we share with you here, all the information available and what more to expect from these war front high budget beasts.

Going head to head puts the JLTVs on a higher advantage with its advanced features and better battle readiness, but let us start from the beginning with the manufacturers.

1. Manufacturer status

The JLTV is manufactured by Oshkosh Corporation, an American company with a history of producing specialty trucks and truck bodies including military vehicles since 1917 (101 years).


The JLTV has come to replace the HUMVEE with advanced array of  technological efficiencies

The HUMVEE, on the other hand, is manufactured by AM General who also are into heavy militarised trucks since 1970 (48 years).

2. How much does it cost?

The Humvee costs $220,000 while the JLTV cost $399,000 on the average. The cost of the JLTV is even higher if the research and development costs were to be added. This cost will be as high as $433,539 per unit.

3. Engine capacity – or if you like the power in the horse!

The Humvee is endowed with a GEP 6.5-litre turbo diesel V8 engine capable of 190 Hp, with a 4-speed automatic transmission. The JLTV, on the other hand, has a militarised DURAMAX 6.6-litre turbo V8 diesel engine with over 400Hp capability carrying an ALLISON 6 speed automatic transmission system.

4. Fording and ground clearance

The HUMVEE has a ground clearance of 18 inches with a ford capacity of 2.5 feet fording depth of water.

the JLTV has been the dsigned to thrive in the roughest of terrains where all other vehicles have been destroyed

With the JLTV, the ground clearance is classified, but it is expected at between 24 to 36 inches with a whopping 5 feet fording depth of water.

5. Weight, speed and fuel usage

Although the JLTV is twice as heavy with a 14,000lb  compared to 7,500lb of the HUMVEE, it still possesses a top speed of over 100mph compared to HUMVEE’s 70mph. The JLTV can go 300 miles per tank where the HUMVEE can’t go beyond 250 miles per tank.

6. What of stability?

The JLTV uses a TAK 4I (Intelligent) independent suspension equipped with adjustable ride height and self-levels while parked. It is also able to achieve a 60% grade and 40% side slope capability, climbing 24inches vertical steps.


The JLTV is arguably the most stable vehicle in the world!

All these dusts the HUMVEE’s mere 4x4 suspensions, 40% grade, 30% side slope and 18 inches vertical step climb capabilities.

7. Reliability issues - can it ever break down?

Reliability issues are typically measured by how long a vehicle can travel before experiencing failure of any sort. With HUMVEE's over twenty variants, all it takes is about 2,968 miles between failures. However, for the four options of JLTVs, it will take up to 7,051 miles between failures.


With the comparisons as highlighted above, it is clear that the JLTVs lead the trail while the HUMVEE military vehicles will be relegated to the back line in the combat situations. With the U.S also championing the usage, the coming years are like to see other countries adopt the JLTVs with some like Slovenia already signing procurement agreements. Maybe we’ll even get a civilian version just like the Hummer H1 soon.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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