Honda Skyroom concept car makes you feel like sitting on a rooftop


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The Honda Skyroom is a driverless car concept that could be the beginning of Honda's new future. See what makes it tick.

We are fast moving towards a future of self-driving cars powered by electricity. All car manufacturers are investing heavily on these technologies so that their cars will be seen to be amongst the best. Honda does not of course intend to be left out of the most important auto race currently ongoing. That could be the main reason for their intended Honda Skyroom concept.

1. Honda is thinking electric but driverless too

Honda is also thinking of the electric auto market and has also invested time and money into producing this new stage of Honda cars. The Honda e is the carmaker’s first fully electric car built from scratch, and should be available in the 2025. The Honda e will replace the Honda Clarity electric version as Honda’s official urban EV. 

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Honda e is the most obvious endeavor of Honda into electric market

While it is doing the electric powertrain thing however, top decision makers of Honda have a similar vision with Dahye Jeong of Behance about what the farther future will look like, and they are keenly interested in Dahye Jeong’s design for the self-driving Honda Skyroom concept car.

In 2018, Honda and the General Motors came together to build an autonomous vehicle. For this reason, Honda’s investment in General Motors’ Cruise Holdings, which is one of their subsidiaries is very high. The intended car, originally, was to be made for general use, while General Motors will be in charge of assembling the car at one of its plants. Much has not been heard about it all since then, but it seems like the Honda Skyroom is the next shot Honda is giving the driverless trend.

2. Who designed Honda Skyroom?

The Skyroom concept is the brainchild of DahyeJeong, who is a transportation student in Seoul, South Korea. When compared to the current adaptation of Honda’s self-driving which is more centered on utility, we could say Dahye’s perception or method is far better, as it is human-centric. It also represents a breathtaking glimpse into unconventional auto design and engineering. This is a bold statement heralding the era of simple and efficient automobiles.


The Honda Skyroom could be the future for Honda

3. Features of Honda Skyroom concept

For close to a hundred years, interiors of cars have looked the same, with two seats making the front row including the driver’s seat on one side. At the back, we also have a set of seats facing the same direction as those in front. The designer, Dahye Jeong decided to go a different way.

She believes that the new cylinder- shaped interior makes you not to have the normal limitations when you are in a car, providing greater relaxation and time for your imagination to soar. It means it gives room for you to explore your thoughts the way you like, with the utmost pleasure you can get.

The round shape of the cabin is meant to minimize the movement of passengers in the cabin. It comes with enough room in the cabin so that it can contain three passengers comfortably. Passengers so contained will sit in a 1-2 pattern just like the McLaren F1. Guess if it’s good enough for McLaren, it’s god enough for most, right?


Dahye Jeong was inspired to design the Skyroom after sitting on a rooftop

The front and back axles are pushed to the extreme, thus making way for enough space in the car. In this cabin also, there is enough space for passengers to stretch their legs and arms.

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Cockpit or living room

The cockpit of the Skyroom looks like a normal living room with two pillows for back passengers, and also a round sofa, a coffee table, and even maybe space for a bed that’s shell-shaped. It also has no side windows, and a sunroof is your only access to the outside. The round sofa can be used for anything you wish, ranging from resting your back, relaxing and even taking a nap. It’s driverless, remember?


The interior will take 3 in good comfort and can even fit a bed


It’s still too early to tell what powers this concept, but it has to be electric right? Ideally, for power, it should come with a compact all-electric powertrain, which does not need to accommodate either a large engine or gearbox. It is also not focused on performance, so probably just two hub electric motors will be fine for it.

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Battery power

It could have, like the Honda e, an urban EV battery pack with a couple of 35.5-kWh lithium-ion batteries that when fully charged, can go a maximum range of 200 kilometers (124 miles). These batteries do mean extra weight, but this is an advantage as they  act as extra stability when on the roads.

Again, talking about the battery pack, when in the city, it is designed to use the smaller battery, and when it’s out of town, it uses the larger battery. The overall assessment of this battery is that it is not enough, as this car is supposed to have the ability to travel between two to three cities.

Of course more things will come to light as time goes on. However, the design of the Skyroom does represent significant forward thinking and a genuine shift in positions as far as future automobiles are concerned. Here’s hoping that Honda does proceed with the design of this car.

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