31,000 customers in line for the upcoming Honda electric car "Honda e"


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The Honda e is about to launch and 31,000 people are already lined up to receive the new Honda revelation, having expressed strong interest. Check more details below!

For converts of the EV revolution, watch this space in the next few months  That’s because Honda will be soon launching its electric vehicle, namely the ‘Honda E’ which will be on display in early 2020 during the Frankfurt auto show in September. The car that will be exhibite will not be a prototype but a full spec production version.

These four-passenger-seat car will be constructed in Japan and has already garnered more than 31,000 “expressions of interest” from potential buyers. Honda advises that getting a “priority status” is possible while a customer is on the delivery queue simply by paying £800 (N361,210) in upfront deposits that are refundable.

About 9,000 persons of the total 31,000 customers that have expressed an active interest come from the UK. Though the Honda E will be made in Japan, it is targeting the overseas markets of the UK, France, Germany, and Norway.

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Things you should know about the Honda E

  • On the issue of power capacity, the car will have a 35.5 kWh battery that will be liquid cooled. It will also be housed underneath the floor of the passengers seats the same way Tesla does it.
  • How long can this car go on a single charge?  200 km range is the word, and this is a bit below par when you consider the competition such as the BMW i3 or the Model 3 of Tesla. Still on charging, the Honda e benefits from the quick charging CCS2 DC quick charging port. It will also have a Type 2 AC charge port.


The Honda e is expected to launch early next year in 2020

  • When using the CCS connection it has a high chance of being able to charge up to 80% in just about 30 minutes.
  • To reduce the curb weight of this car, Honda intends to equip it with a alminiu fabricated suspension that will also be independent..
  • This car will be a rear wheel drive.
  • The perfect front and the rear balance of the car and the low center of gravity with the additional classic suspension mean a car that will display great handling.
  • The Honda E will optionally be available in five colors which includes Platinum White Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Crystal Blue Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic and Charge Yellow. This allows buyers greater alternatives.
  • Physical dimension-wise, the car is 3,895mm long, 1,750mm wide and 1,495mm tall. This makes it a bit smaller than competitors such as the BMW i3 and Renault ZOE.

Traditional side view mirror? No

As we have reported in the previous article, Honda electric cars will get smart cameras instead of conventional side mirrors.

The Honda e is all tech and all tomorrow, even in matters like a side view mirror. Ostensibly to reduce drag (3.4%) and increase Driver’s view (by 10%), Honda has confirmed that this new car will come with a cameras instead of side mirrors. All this is expected to result in increased driving distance range. Drivers can see the feed from the side cameras on either  sides of the dash. The driver may select ‘normal or wide-angle camera views.’ It is expected this will enable drivers to see more of the blind spot.

New Touchscreen?

The interior of the Honda E has an exceptional interior design. First of all, it’s a “less is more” kind of vibe just like the exterior of the car suggests, but don’t let this fool you. This car is every bit as impressive inside as it looks from outside.

Two 12.3 inches displays take up most of the dashboard and also allow passengers a feel of the action.  


Interior of the Honda e is as minimal as the outside

How much does Honda E cost?

Honda has been answering numerous questions but has not really answered the most important question of all as far as some customers are concerned. What price will the Honda E come at? What project manager Kohei Hitomi told Autocar when this question was popped up was:

“We don’t know, it is “important” for the car to be affordable, but a low price is not always a guarantee of success. When you look at Apple products, they are not cheap, but everyone wants to have them because of their added value. We believe it is the same for the electric vehicle.” 

However the UK news site ‘The Week’ advices that it’s possible for fans to expect a price that is more related to Tesla Model 3 or a BMW i3.


Honda E gets a lot of attention from the public

There is a speculation that The Honda E’s 200 miles range is a drawback in commanding the above price-tag. Mr Hitomi disagrees:

"We believe the range is sufficient for this segment of car. Some potential customers might not be satisfied but when you think about bigger range and a bigger battery, it has drawbacks in terms of packaging. It’s a balance.”

As the auto show in Frankfurt approaches, billed for September, the question on many minds is whether Honda’s strong expectations for the Honda e will be borne out, first of all by the reactions of customers and automotive watchers at the show, and afterward in 2020 by the first real orders for the Honda E. This will prove crucial for the automaker as it has recently expressed major policy changes in order to stay afloat in an increasingly unpredictable auto market.

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