6 most fuel-efficient cars released in 2019: Toyota missed the top


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Who buys a car and doesn't consider the mileage? Practically no one! Unlike before, we now have a chance of picking from a wide range of cars that help save fuel. Check out these 6 most fuel-efficient cars in 2019, you will most definitely find a perfect mix of sophistication and fuel-efficiency.

Before now, cars with great mileage used to have a reputation for being small or underpowered, these few past years have changed the story.  The latest technologies - from weight-saving measures to plug-in hybrids have made us understand that any kind of vehicle can be efficient without compromising space, comfort, or fun.

If you’re looking for a fuel-efficient car that won’t bore you, one of the 6 listed below will definitely be the best pick for you. These cars are lively to drive, considerably spacious, and packed with useful tech features.

Take a look at these awesome fuel-efficient automobiles!

1. 2019 Toyota Prius - 52 MPG

For a car that doesn't have to be plugged in, the car handles responsively and rides rather comfortably. Always been about efficiency and low running costs, the Toyota Prius 2019 can drive solely on electric, usually up to about 25 mph. It has a touch-screen infotainment system that seems straightforward enough for new users. Also, colorful digital gauges can be found on the dashboard with plenty of fuel-economy information.

  • Overall MPG - 52
  • City MPG - 43
  • Highway MPG - 59


The Prius has always prioritized efficiency and low running costs

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2. 2019 Hyundai Ioniq - 54 MPG

The Hyundai Ioniq 2019 gives a significant challenge to the traditional Toyota Prius as long as fuel efficiency is concerned. Power comes from a 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine, which, paired with the electric drive, puts out a combined 139 horsepower.

Just like other hybrids, it can drive on electric power at low speeds. A number of safety and infotainment features are available: automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

  • City MPG: 54
  • Highway MPG: 54
  • Overall MPG: 55


For the Ioniq, plug-in and fully electric versions

3. Honda Accord - 47 MPG

The household name Honda Accord delivers a combination that expresses adequate power - owners have a choice of two turbocharged, four-cylinder engines. In addition, the regular trim is a new 192 HP and 1.5-liter merged into a variable transmission. Even better for higher trims - turbocharged 2.0-liter brings 252 HP and a smooth 10-speed automatic transmission.

While enjoying a comfortable ride, it also features a new infotainment system which includes knobs for tuning and volume adjustment.

  • Overall MPG - 47
  • City MPG - 40
  • Highway MPG - 52


The Accord is available with a choice of two turbocharged, four-cylinder engines

4. Toyota Camry Hybrid - 47 MPG

Compared with past versions, the Camry comes with a more sophisticated look, and the handling is slightly more responsive. It’s very comfortable and is by far one of the best mid-sized sedans. The standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine provides good power and a 3.5-liter V6 is also available. Both are paired to a new eight-speed automatic but the downside is that it’s not entirely smooth. The infotainment system is good enough - Apple CarPlay has been included for 2019 versions.

  • Overall MPG - 47
  • City MPG - 39
  • Highway MPG - 53


The latest Camry has a stylish look and is equipped with Apple CarPlay

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5. Honda Insight - 54 MPG

The Insight has a lot of positive sides – the handling is secure, the ride is comfortable enough, and the rear seat is relatively roomy. It is by far one of the best fuel-economy cars that don't have to be plugged in.

Just like some others on this list, the Honda Insight suffers from a very low stance, which makes getting in and out a bit difficult. The controls are somewhat tricky, but the good thing is, the Insight can still drive around on electric power alone at very low speeds. But as soon as the gas engine is turned on when more power is needed, it's pretty loud.

  • Overall MPG - 54
  • City MPG - 44
  • Highway MPG - 62


The Insight suffers from a very low stance, which makes getting in and out a bit difficult

6. Kia Niro - 43 MPG

The Hybrid, FWD (Front-Wheel-Drive), five-passenger Niro uses a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, which, in conjunction with the electric drive unit, produces a combined 139 HP.

In addition, it features considerable cargo versatility, and the lithium-ion battery which is located under the rear seat creates a flat cargo floor when the rear seats are folded. The handling isn’t as responsive as the Hyundai Ioniq and the optional power driver's seat provides better support than the standard seats. Currently, a plug-in hybrid is also available.

  • Overall MPG - 43
  • City MPG - 33
  • Highway MPG - 52


A plug-in hybrid is also available for the Kia Niro

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