What's special about Ford GT MK II track-only supercar worth ₦426 million?


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Ford does really show a massive automotive intent with this incredible GT MK II supercar at the cost of $1.2 million. Spoiler alert; you can only use it for track purpose. Read on!

It is believed to be an ultimate car according to the automaker. Ford GT is not yet going out of the market just the way we were informed short time ago. Goodwood was approached by Ford, hereby pulling the wraps off a supercar, which is only built for the track. Just 45 examples of these Ford GT MK II models will be produced with a cost of $1.2 million (~₦426 million). This price could raise questions on your mind as to why the price got tripled and what exactly has the automaker with Multimatic performed on this road-going GT.


The Ford GT MK II isn't just a performance beast, but true definition of track beauty

It started with the company refuting any claim of making this supercar road-legal. This implies anyone that gets hands on any of the units to be created, would only use it as a personal car for track day. The design doesn’t apply to anything else rather than the track. Since it doesn’t apply yet to any racing series, this led to Ford and Multimatic giving their all to this supercar.


Ford and Multimatic are creating this model only for track

Ford GT MK II has been equipped by the automaker, Ford, with excessively aggressive aero setup for maximal downforce. This could be seen as massive additions that are aero related. Ford comfortably stretched beyond what it usually puts on GT racecar since none of the aero is expected to be WEC or IMSA regulations compliant.

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When you set aside the racing laws and performance restrictions, it permits the larger rear wing and splitter the extension way beyond the front bumper on the car. You might also want to take a look at the massive diffuser hanging out the rear. The automaker believes this supercar offers a downforce of more than 400% when compared to a street GT. It can also successfully pull over 2 g of lateral grip with the Michelin slicks. You might want to commence a bit of exercise on your neck.


Since there is no need to comply with any regulation, Ford has gone overboard in making a very high performance supercar

Remarkably, there is a possible loss of weight when compared with street GT. Overall, the weight of the Ford GT MK II is placed at 3,064 pounds. That is additional 244 pounds over the racecar, but lighter weight of 200 pounds than the specification for regular street GT. According to Ford, that's because the adjustable ride height as well as drive modes has been removed. The GT now offers a low, fixed ride-height and 5-way adjustable DSSV dampers. This still puts it at 5 millimeters higher than the GT racecars. But in its lowest setting, it is still lower than road car.



The Ford GT MK II is offering a generative output, higher than most regular racecar at present

The availability of the twin-turbocharged (3.5-liter) V6 engine on the MK II with the output of 700 horsepower is one of the biggest gains of non-compliance with regulations. The generative output is an extra 50 horsepower over regular GT, relying on the performance balance on any specific day; it is about 200 horsepower more than racecar. There is always a requirement on Ford to detune the engine for racing in compliance with the regulation.

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The manufacturer decided to get the dual-clutch (Getrag) 7-speed deployed on racecar re-tuned. Since there is absence of muffler, it is proper to say this supercar is a real racecar. There is closeness in the routing of the of the pipe exhaust (straight) to diffuser, hereby encouraging Ford to install at the stop, a gold foil to get the produced heat deflected.


The interior design comes equipped with custom Sparco seats commissioned by Ford specifically for this model

Heat amount according to the automaker has been controlled fairly on the Ford GT MK II. There has been an elimination of the trunk to contain the engine's auxilliary cooler, transmission and clutch coolers. Therefore, the intake mounted on the roof gives air, which is constantly cool; When high temperature is suspected by the car, the water spray automatically gets activated. All these extra cooling according to the car manufacturer indicates the ability of running the supercar around the track till you are unable to physically do it again. Its equipped brakes are way better that what you would find on regular racecar, since carbon ceramics are not allowed on those. These are brakes you would find optional on regular car used on road with a specific pad for race. The forged wheels (19-inch) are only optionally specific for MK II model.

The cabin has been redesigned after being the innards have been stripped off, to a specific degree to house the custom-made Sparco racing car seats that was commissioned by Ford particularly for MK II. It comes equipped with MoTeC system for acquisition playing the role of backup camera’s display. It comes with an optional passenger seat and also the air-conditional system for racing duty. Possibly, you would love to have this installed especially when you are running under very high temperature.

Ford GT Mk II – $1.2 Million Limited Edition

In case you interested in getting one, the automaker assures availability of some examples of this model. Multimatic believes it can only manufacture 15 of this model annually. You might want to contact them quickly before it gets fully allocated. You should know that Ford is planning to speciffically select every customer to ensure they use it for the purpose intended.

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