Tesla on the water! First solar powered yacht is the ₦1.8bn Silent 80


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Ever seen a 1.8 billion Naira yacht? You have? Okay, seen one run completely on solar energy? That's the Silent 80 from Tesla, so named because it is super silent.

1. The world's first solar powered yacht

Do you know or have you heard of the top luxury yacht “Silent 80" from Tesla? This yacht is not just like the regular yacht you know but one which is exclusively powered by solar. This yacht derives its name ‘Silent’ because it is has an absolute, one hundred percent silent operation while it travels on the sea.

It has no combustion engines powered by carbon fuel but derives its energy completely from solar panels placed above it and charge its batteries. It is possible you might have heard of the “MS Tûranor Planet” Solar boat which is the largest solar-powered boat ever created in 2010, but the “Silent 80” is leading as the world’s first solar powered yacht. Of course there is a world of difference between a boat and a yacht.

The Silent 80 is has been called “Tesla of the seas” because the yacht uses the same batteries that powers Tesla EV cars. While Tesla derives its battery energy from electrical charging, “Silent 80” gets its tune ups from the absolute energy of the sun through panels spread on top.


The "Silent 80" gets its name from the silent treatment it gives the surroundings; No noise at all

The “Silent 80”  is one of a range of sea going crafts made by ship building firm, Silent-Yachts. The Ausrian concern exclusively designs and builds vessels that are solar powered with electric propulsion systems also called catamarans. This company over the years has consistently led breakthroughs in the production of top solar powered yachts such as the Silent 55, Silent 55 Ferry, and the Silent 64.

The Silent 80 was previously named the Silent 79. The yacht's builder revealed four others in the ‘Silent 80 flagship series’ have also been purchased by customers. One such already bought yacht has been purchased by a customer across the ocean in South Africa. The vessel will be shipped to the new owner early 2020. The three other yachts of the series sold so far will wait until later in the coming year to be delivered.  The four vessels of the series are still at the shipyards in Italy, while building and designing is ongoing.

The creation of this seaworthy work of art was parceled out to professionals. While the main concept was by Silent –Yachts chief executive Michael Köhler, the interior and exterior of this world luxury yacht was designed by Marco Casali of Too Design. The naval architecture was handled by MICAD, which is a professional catamarans architectural company.

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2. "Silent 80" design outside & inside

As you know, the solar panel of the yacht is placed highly above it. Its exterior has a swimmin pool podium which leads from the water to the main surface, and there is a hydraulic dip platform that permits both easy takeoff and retrieval. The main deck of the yacht is under the overhanging solar panel and there is  a couch, sunbed and simplified dining table at the stern along with a wet bar on the port end of the yacht. The foredeck caries a sofa with tables, allowing guest some privacy while lounging. There is also a sun pad that has been placed at both sides of the seats arrangement, as well as an airy bow seating area, that can take deckchairs, or if preferred, left empty for entertainment purposes on deck. At night, the atmosphere can be lightened up with the supplied dim light.


Sleek could be the second name of this yacht with its fine, elegant lines

Is the Interior any better?

The interior of the “Silent 80” is all roomy and restful. There is an accommodating sitting room, also known as the salon, that comes with comfortable sofas, dinning area of five to six seating with wet bar for drinks. . There are entertainment digital features and all the seats are covered with creamy, ash and mixture white and sky blue colors.  When comparing the interior of the “Silent 80” to other regular yachts, you will notice that there is no cockpit or engineering room in the Silent 80 salon and this is because the yacht is powered by solar. The space which should have been used for that is instead used in storing tenders and water toys.


Pretty impressive sums up the interior decor of this wonder on water

The Silent 80 also offers a supple housing layout and is able to sleep or accommodate 8 guests with its 4 rooms or cabins or 12 guests with 6 cabins. There is a master suite cabin that has a private office and in the entire model and there is at least one VIP stateroom. All cabins are en-suite and are spaciously designed with quality material, lighting and well carved woodwork. The interior is supplied with air conditioning and Wi-Fi.


Of course cabins are sumptuous and all en suite

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3. "Silent 80" Specifications: what make it so quiet?

The “Silent 80” can achieve cruising-speeds of between 6 and 8 knots. The top sailing speed at full thrust is a decent knots. This ocean going vessel can cover a distance on the average of 100 nautical miles in 24 hours. The energy trapping panels measure 70 / 25.000. The yacht comes with standard batteries 2×80 kW cruiser version and a more potent 2×250 kW E-power version.

There is also Hybrid Power version of 2×220 HP + 2×14 kW which has a top speed of 20+ knots. The solar panel Kite can reach up to heights of one hundred meters or even one hundred and fifty in good winds. This means the kite accesses a lot more energy per square meters, about 25 times more.  A back up generator is included for emergencies.


This yacht is built for one thing only: letting your hair down

4. Price of the “Silent 80”

Base price starts at of €4,274,600 and could cost higher when opting in for additional features; that is about 1.8 billion.

Well, the price for an eco-friendly relaxing trip is too costly for most people, we must say. But the carmaker doesn't target mainstream customers either, so you don't need to worry!

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