[Photos] Check out the first 3D printed hypercar in the world that costs ₦612million


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You have got to see these amazing photos and intriguing details of the new Czinger 21C - world’s 1st 3D printed hypercar that costs ₦612million.

In this time of modern technology, there is hardly anything impossible to create. Believe it or not, the world now has its first 3D printed hypercar named Czinger21C with a limited production of just 80 units to be made in total.


Meet the world’s first 3D printed Hypercar – the Czinger 21C

This unique hypercar is yet to be available to the general public but will be fully revealed at the coming Geneva Motor Show in March 2020. However, some of the few details already known about the Czinger 21C special hypercar is that it is “crazy” fast with the following records;

  • 1.9 seconds acceleration time from Zero to 62mph
  • 8.1 seconds to 170mph
  • 15 seconds from Zero to 186mph and back to Zero
  • 29 seconds from Zero to 248mph and back to Zero

With these numbers, this new hypercar is undoubtedly ready to take on the big guys such as Koenigsegg Regera and the likes.

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The new Czinger 21C hypercar is manufactured and designed from scratch at California by the Czinger team in the United States. The Chassis of the car is made of carbon fibre multi-material structures together with a high-performance proprietary alloy that gives it an overall lightweight.

This intriguing car was computationally assembled, printed, and engineered. Its unique chassis houses very strong powertrain (hybrid) that drives all of its four wheels. The wonderful car achieves a true 1:1 weight to power ratio with its 2.88L flat-crank V8 mid-engine and fitted electric motors that give it a whopping 1,250hp total rating. This incredible engine in the Czinger 21C hypercar is mated with a sequential 7-speed transaxle gearbox and an actuated hydraulic multi-plate clutch.


Would you pay ₦612million for the world’s first 3D printed hypercar?

Kevin Czinger, the founder of the company that built this unique hypercar, explained the most interesting fact about this car. Kevin says that the parts of this 3D-printed car are expected to last throughout the vehicle’s lifetime and if the need ever comes to replace them; any of the parts can be easily dissolved back to the powered state and reconstituted for a new use. Isn’t that amazing?

It should be noted however that current reports claim that the price tag for this unique 3D-printed car is about ₦612million ($1.7million) excluding shipping duties and other charges.

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