Ferrari P80/C has been finally revealed as a one-off track car


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Ferrari has finally revealed its newest 488 GT3-based model named the “Ferrari P80/C” which took them four good years to produce. Read the full gist here now!

Here at, we do not only have a passion for the conventional road-legal cars, but we also have much love for the track or race cars and Ferrari is with no doubt one of our favourite race car brands.

Just recently, Ferrari unveiled its new Ferrari P80/C which is a special one-off track/race car based on the former Ferrari 488 GT3 that takes its inspiration obviously from the Ferrari’s sports prototype racers vehicle.

This new supercar has been developed from scratch at the styling centre of the Italian firm to a brief (restricted) set by a “connoisseur of the Ferrari world” who evidently wanted a vehicle that is a modern sports prototype majorly inspired by cars like the 1966 Dino 206 S as well as the 330 P4/P3. These were vehicles that initially started out as track/race cars but ended up as roadgoing models later on.


The new Ferrari P80/C super track-only car

This new P80/C is clearly based on the Ferrari 488 GT3 track car which was chosen over the real 488 GTB road car due to a specified reason that its 50mm extra wheelbase actually offered the automakers more “creative freedom” according to them.

The P80/C now has a new front splitter as well as a reworked diffuser on the rear. This new car also features extensive underbody aerodynamics use with the vehicle’s rear bodywork being clearly styled after the popular T-wings which have been commonly seen in Formula 1 in recent years till now. The entire bodywork of this new P80/C vehicle is made from carbon fibre which is also the new wave.


The Ferrari P80/C interior is equipped with many advanced technology features for a smooth race on a track

Ferrari has gotten the opportunity to greatly reduce the headlights’ size in this P80/C because it is a track-only type of car while the vehicle’s rear now features a rear windscreen that is concave as well as engine covers which had aluminium louvres.


The new supercar Ferrari P80/C will definitely come with a lot of performance boost and super speed

This car has been designed such that its 18in wheel and the carbon-fibre wing will be lifted when it's in a “racing set-up” mode. The same car can as well clearly be turned into an “exhibition package” if its aerodynamic appendages are removed and it is fitted with 21in wheels.

The precise performance figures of this car haven’t been given out yet but there is a clear indication that it will likely feature an unrestricted variant of the 3.9L turbocharged V8 engine that comes with the 488 GT3. Recall that this same engine produces a 661bhp in the 488 GTB.


This new Ferrari P80/C is likely to feature the 3.9L turbocharged V8 engine that comes with the older 488 GT3

Ferrari also claims that work had begun on this Ferrari P80/C as far back as 2015 thereby making it officially"the longest development time of any one-off Ferrari produced to date."

The vehicle’s name, however, was chosen not by the brand but by the very anonymous collector who commissioned the vehicle itself.

The automaker has also not revealed any particular details on the cost of acquiring the car yet but we are aware that the former and standard 488 GT3 car costs roughly around ₦216 million (£455,000) till date.

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