Electric monster! BMW 5 Series tuned into more powerful 711hp car with 3 motors


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You might already know about the normal BMW 5 Series but this newly revealed car is different by packing 3 electric motors that deliver 711hp. See details and pictures of the monster here!

Just after the debut and amidst the already ongoing hype over the “M Next concept”, BMW has just revealed another new car that has since surprised most auto enthusiasts including the Naijauto team.

The newly revealed car is totally wrapped up in the body of a BMW 5 Series but, it packs a more powerful powertrain than the normal 5 series sedan.

BMW calls this new car “Project BEV” and claims that it is more of a development mule which is mainly created for the sole purpose of experimenting with different electric powertrains. Surprisingly, this experiment has just resulted in a 711hp fully electric BMW 5 Series, which is insanely 111hp higher than the auto market’s current V8 twin-turbo M5 and the “M Next concept” as well.


With 711hp, the new BMW Project BEV will surely outperform a regular BMW 5 Series sedan

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This new Project BEV car draws its power from three electric motors. One of the motors is mounted close to the front purposely to provide some extra traction for the car, while the remaining two motors are directly paired and mounted at the car’s rear, each for the individual wheel. This interesting design allows the car to have more active torque vectoring which will really make it exhibit impressive cornering capabilities.

Also, with the 711 electric ponies and all-wheel-drive system, BMW states that this Project BEV will surely accelerate from zero to 62mph in just 3 seconds or less.


Project BEV is simply; three electric motors, batteries and cooling equipment all fitted into the BMW 5 Series body

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It’s undeniably impressive how BMW could fit all of this incredible design and power output into a 5 series body without affecting the passenger space of the body frame. The automaker was able to pack three electric motors, batteries, and cooling components all into a complete production sedan that was never even designed for such in the first place.

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