See the futuristic DS Aero Sport Lounge electric SUV with 670 horsepower


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The Citroen luxury brand - DS is set to unveil the all-electric Aero Sport Lounge SUV concept ahead of 2020 Geneva Auto Show.

Looks like the upcoming 2020 Geneva Motor Show will witness some magnificent models. One of those fascinating all-electric models to look out for is the Aero Sport Lounge by Citroen luxury brand – DS.


The futuristic DS Aero Sport Lounge is an all-electric fast super SUV concept from Citroen

From info gathered, the long-coupe SUV concept will be offered at a length of 5 meters and is designed for air-flow optimization, with a grille-shape fitted for air direction to the sides and passed to the 23-inch wheels, which are specially designed for this particular model.


The 5-meter long SUV-coupe promises optimized air-flow and a specially fitted 23-inch powerful wheels

Other remarkable features to look out for in this super SUV include the LED headlights and DRLs, screen within the grille hiding away an array of sensors, and illuminated sheets, ‘DS Light Veil,’ previewing the future design signature of the automaker.

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The Aero Sport Lounge in its interior design adopts a fearless and visionary approach. The company has replaced the conventional screens with 2 wide strips – the one covered in satin cotton, which is the lower one, is fitted to display projected information from the screen on top. All occupants in the car will be kept busy and entertained with their designated screens especially for long trips. Another set of displays will be relaying live footage from the available digital mirrors.


The breathtaking Aero Sport Lounge SUV promises ultimate road performance from its Formula E-inspired electric motors

Heads-up-display (HUDs) with augmented reality has been utilized as a perfect replacement for the traditional instrument cluster for the projection of necessary information onto the windscreen. Interestingly, the long SUV features on the inside an AI system dubbed as Iris and haptic control, which is equipped with 3D ultrasound. This 3D technology was created in partnership with a tech team from a Silicon Valley laboratory.


The out-of-the-world cabin look of the DS Aero Sport Lounge SUV is revolutionary and a fast trip to the future

For the dashboard and back of the seats, the automaker has made use of straw marquetry, which is quite unusual. For the seats, high-density mousse and satin cotton are used for optimal comfort. The door cards on the other hands are clad in transparent micro-fiber.

The insanely fast Aero Sport Lounge offers a generative output of 670 horsepower from its electric motor, a derivation of the powerful DS Tcheetah Formula E racer. The all-electric SUV can accelerate from a standstill of zero to 62 mph in an impressive 2.8 seconds. Its 100 kWh floor-mounted battery offers a driving range of over 400 miles.

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