See the ₦119m beast-looking Black Stallion made by Dartz for a movie!


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The Dartz Prombron Hummer H2-inspired Black Stallion might be quite expensive to many but it's a bully with speed. See the full details and pictures here!

The Latvian automaker - Dartz- may be unknown to many but this time around, they are back with a bang. Their last project is evident to their ingenious way of shocking us, by concealing the true identity of standard Hummer H2 in their new release.


The automaker, Dartz, known for production breathtaking outlandish vehicle, has come up with this fearless SUV

The ‘Black Stallion’ got its name from the popular ‘Sikorsky helicopter’. It is a one-off model the vehicle manufacturer has created for a yet-to-be-revealed movie.


The beast-looking Black Stallion is built for a movie, but will be made available for road usage

The sinister-looking exterior is made from carbon, Kevlar and special hexagonal carbon fiber. It comes fitted with V8 engine accustomed to stock Hummer H2, which is quick enough to capture chasing scenes. In case you are interested, the automaker is ready to offer Hellcat engine with a modified suspension setup and a new transmission for customers using it outside movie sets.

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With its massive bodywork and potent wheels, the V8 Black Stallion is ready to run through any terrain

The one-off Hummer H2-inspired Black Stallion built for the movie is expected to be 1,102 lbs (500 kg) heavier than the standard Hummer H2. For the road-going model, Dartz will offer bodywork of carbon-Kevlar, thereby removing any form of unnecessary weight from the machine-like SUV.

2019 Dartz Prombron Black Stallion

To lay your hands on this road beast, Naijauto believes you will be asked to pay as much as $330,000 (₦119.1 million), which is excluding of shipping fees and clearing cost in Nigeria.

Can you pay this much for Hummer H2 with aftermarket pieces and bits?

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