Check out these cute photos and details of the new 2021 Toyota Yaris


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You need to see some of these beautiful photos and amazing details of the new agile-looking 2021 Toyota Yaris model. See for yourself here now!

Finally, the Global version of the Toyota Yaris is out as a 2021 model and so far, it has been getting a lot of attention from car lovers all over the world.


This is the new 2021 Toyota Yaris model (Global version for both European and Japanese market)

2021 Toyota Yaris – What does it look like?

First and foremost, it looks smooth, chic and agile with a sort of sporty feel that makes it distinct.

This new Yaris just like every other modern Toyota vehicle uses the popular TGNA platform topped with the latest GA-B platform. The Yaris features a special three-cylinder unit of the TNGA platform specifically made for it. As of now, there is yet to be any news of a sedan version of this new 2021 Toyota Yaris but instead, it is currently only expected in 5-door hatchback and 3-door (GR Yaris) options.

When it comes to the overall exterior styling, the 2021 Yaris really projects more of a forward motion sense as it comes with cool effects of condensed proportions that pose strong character lines at the sides of the car. It also oozes a “ready-to-go” character on the outside as it features sculpted door panels as well as powerful rear and front wings that add to its overall taut and coherent look.


The 2021 Toyota Yaris comes with an exterior that gives a smooth, chic and agile look

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2021 Toyota Yaris – The Interior

The interior of the new 2021 Toyota Yaris has a cockpit design that is well developed around the “hands-on wheel, eyes on road” new popular concept. The system presents information directly and clearly to any driver from 3 interlinked sources which include a 10-inches colored heads-up display, a TFT multifunction display right in the vehicle’s instrument binnacle, and a central Toyota touchscreen.

The larger sized heads-up display seems effective in helping a driver to focus on his/her driving with minimum distraction. It also projects important warnings as well as driving data such as speed limits, and navigation prompts onto the vehicle’s windscreen at a fantastic field of view for the driver. This interior styling, however, seems to be very similar to that of the new Corolla.


The interior of this new 2021 Toyota Yaris is well designed and “pimped” with modern technology

2021 Toyota Yaris – Engine, Power and Performance

Many car enthusiasts might get turned off on realizing that the new 2021 Toyota Yaris is one not made for some crazy blistering speed as it will only be made available with a 3-cylinder engine. Although, this engine will come in variants of a 1.5-liter version which delivers 118hp, a 1.5-liter hybrid version, and a 1.0-liter version which outputs just 65hp. Each of these engine versions will come with either a CVT gearbox, an E-CVT gearbox (hybrid version), or a 6-speed manual gearbox. Also, all versions of the 2021 Toyota Yaris are expected to come standard with only Front-Wheel-Drive systems.


The 2021 Toyota Yaris is perfect for non-speed car lovers

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