The next Tesla? "Croatian Elon Musk" reveals 256mph electric hypercar with 2000hp to race the big boys


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The all-electric car delivers 1914hp that's coming from four permanent magnet motors.

Mate Rimac is a Croatian entrepreneur who is known to have created batteries for some big boys in the automotive world such as Aston Martin, Koenigsegg, and Renault. Named 'Croatian Elon Musk', 31-year-old Rimac has gone ahead to build his own all electric hypercar which can sprint 60mph in 1.85 seconds while Tesla's Roadster does 60mph in 1.9 seconds.


Rimac C_Two was built by Croatian Elon Musk

 The engineer named the car after himself, the Rimac C_Two. It delivers 1914hp that's coming from four permanent magnet motors. It spurs the Rimac C_Two to a top speed of 412 km/h (256 miles per hour)

Considering the fact that Rimac is a wizard in battery technology, Naijauto learned that the hypercar was given a range of 340 miles for each charge.

Aside from the fact that the all-electric car is extremely fast, it comes with Level 4 autonomy and facial recognition. It’s simply an entire driverless hypercar that can be driven in areas that are heavily built up.


The all-electric car delivers 1914hp that's coming from four permanent magnet motors (Photo credit; Rimac)

Porsche's project leader has described Rimac as a genius to have come up with something super amazing like his 2000hp electric car. The brand has already bought an extra 5.5% share of Rimac to add up the 10% previously purchased in 2018.

While being interviewed about his latest success, Rimac said,

It's a lot of optimization, trying out things, experimenting, being fast, doing loops - idea, concept, simulation, detailed prototyping, again and again.

He built a Concept_One car in 2016 and slapped 1,224 hp on it.        


Meet Mate Rimac, the Croatian entrepreneur who built the electric hypercar

Presently, Rimac has 600 workers that have outgrown his facility. A new facility will be built to accommodate the firm's growth.

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