China creates Coronavirus resistant hybrid car


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A Chinese company has created a vehicle resistant to the dreaded Coronavirus. It boasts of features that kill harmful viruses and bacteria!

As the world battles to defeat the Coronavirus spreading through continents and countries, hands are on deck to find a lasting solution to the rising pandemic. At the forefront of this crusade is China – the originating country of the virus. Stepping up to the plate, the country has not only created vaccines to help in the treatment of patients, but it has also created a car that prevents people from contracting the virus.


The car's technology purifies the air against harmful bacteria and viruses

Geely – a Chinese company has unveiled what it described as a Coronavirus-safe car manufactured with the use of an Intelligent Air Purification System (AIPS). The technology operates with an air conditioner, getting rid of harmful substances that may be stuck in the cabin area, leaving no room for bacteria and viruses to survive.

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The innovation is fully electrical, and it is powered by an engine of four cylinders. Some of the features of this lifesaver include multiple cameras, millimeter waves, and ultrasonic radars. Taking the car’s safety a notch higher, the manufacturers designed it with the latest artificial intelligence technology to detect pedestrian presence.

According to the Geely, it has so far received over 30, 000 orders for the vehicle being sold for $20,000 / ₦7.2m. The high orders for the car are understandable due to fears over the fatality of the virus. Reports on CNN indicate that the virus may be community spread, opening the possibility that it may be airborne. With such fears, motorists would rather drive in cars that are resistant to the virus.

Many Nigerians have gone into panic mode following announcements made by the Lagos State government of recording an infected patient from Italy, on Friday, February 28, 2020.

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