See the breathtaking coachbuilt 2-seater Bentley Mulliner Bacalar with no roof


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The Mulliner coach-building division of Bentley has come up with a new roofless 2-seater Bacalar, an inspiration from the 2019 EX 100 GT Concept.

Bentley has mastered the art of keeping us thirsty for more luxury from time to time. This newly-released, ultra-exclusive, roofless coach-built Bentley Bacalar, named after the Laguna Bacalar in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, is one of those models from the luxury marque that might deprive you of oxygen for a few seconds.


The new Bentley Bacalar is an ultra-luxury roofless 2-door daring model from Mulliner

The 2-seater Bacalar was created by the Mulliner coach-building section of Bentley, with a fearless look. The model got its inspiration from the iconic EX 100 GT Concept in 2019.


The new Bentley Bacalar got its name from the Laguna Bacalar in the Yucatan Peninsula and is inspired by 2019 EXP 100 GT Concept

Unlike what we witnessed with the car unveiled at the auto show, this new model comes fitted with a smaller grille flanked by thin LED DRLs and rounded headlights. The bumper, on the other hand, looks bigger with lower air intakes. Nothing has changed with the hood but the front wheel arches are now less bulky. The Bentley Bacalar offers 22-inch wheels and 0.8-inch wider rear track when compared to the popular Continental GT model.


Riding on 22-inch massive wheels, the 2-seater Bentley Bacalar offers an open-top view of the sky

Looks like the rear may share some similarities with Aston Martin design signature. When you compare it with EXP 100 GT, it appears more toned down. The bumper features a different look with a diffuser leaving enough space for the tailpipes of rectangular shape. The Bentley Bacalar reportedly offers an internal combustion engine, which is in contrast to the 4-motor electric powertrain of combined output of 1,340 hp and 1,491 Nm as suggested by an earlier study.


The cockpit is well styled with sustainable materials and exciting driving features for ultimate road experience

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The interior design affords the owner an open-top view of what lies beneath and seats with roll-over protection. The 2-seater offers some promising features such as Continental GT-inspired rotating display, digital instrument cluster expected on modern age Grand Tourer, and several buttons around the gearshift lever. The dashboard comes finished with a Riverwood, a 5,000-old sustainable wrap. Every seat on the inside is created with unique quilt, featuring 148,199 stitches. The Bacalar logo is fitted on the seatbacks and steering wheels. The clock is located at the middle of the air vents with other exciting styling and features. The owner of the car will get a pair of bespoke travel cases matching the detailing of the cabin.

Bentley Mulliner Bacalar - Coachbuilt by Mulliner | Bentley

Then new Bentley Bacalar offers a W12 twin-turbo 6.0-liter engine with a generative output of 650 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque, mated to 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. According to Bentley, the 48-volt Dynamic Ride System offered on the ride ensures exceptional refinement, handling and responsive ride in every kind of condition. The automaker will only produce 12 units and every one of them is already booked.

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