Carlex upgrades Mercedes-Benz G-Class: when the best becomes better


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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If you want to make heads turn when you pull over, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class by Carlex is the go-to car. See the non-sports car that feels like one!

Do you want to make a huge statement with the car you are driving? Or perhaps you want people to know that you have arrived? The Mercedes-Benz G-Class can make this happen without trying too hard. It offers a lavish-looking design that creates an impression of one who is living the good life.


The interior looks rich with carefully selected matrials

Putting it on the chopping board, it is glaring that Mercedes-Benz G-Class is not necessarily the best there is in its category. You will find a good number of alternatives who offer more prowess and driving comfort. But in terms of establishing high status, it gives all of them a run for their money. No matter how good a thing is, there is always a chance for it to be better. And that is exactly what Carlex did with the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.


The G-Class inscription adds a touch of class 

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Carlex has brought forward a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) designed with a breathtaking interior that could make you think you were riding in a sports machine. You wake up to reality when you look out the window, and see that you are way higher than other regular cars on the road.


The seats are spacious with plenty leg room

The cabin is picture-perfect with its combined black and red colors in the door panels and seats. This color combination runs through a carbon fiber found right on the door panels, center console, digital gauge cluster and the grab of the front passenger handle. More details on the G-Class include an embroidery with the inscription “40 Years of Legend” and a G-Wagon image.

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The G-class has a rugged exterior strong enough for off-road rides

The company is yet to disclose the selling price of the bespoke G-Class, but given its exquisite design, lovers of the G63 will not mind paying whatever amount it will be sold for.

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