Cadillac offers second installment of its CT6-V at N33.6 million


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Cadillac is giving her fans who couldn't preorder the CT6-V the chance to get it as it embarks on a second installment production. Find out the cost price!

If you are one of the Cadillac fans in Nigeria, then you will be interested in this story. Despite having the assurance that the Cadillac CT6 would start pushing daises in America from June 1, the automaker has revealed that “the CT6 was never meant to be fully on the chopping block." On the same day the news was released, the brand opened its doors to take preorders from her fans who can’t wait to lay their hands on the CT6-V.

Second installment for Cadillac CT6-V

To prove just how exclusive the car is, Cadillac is offered only 275 units at the cost of N32.2 million after destination. As anticipated, the preorders came rushing in like hot cake. In just a few hours, the order books were closed, with many people not getting the opportunity to place their own order.


The CT6-V is so hot that the brand needs to open the second pre-order

It was later discovered that the “272 preorder slots” tagline was a miscommunication on the part of the brand. To meet the needs of her customers, Cadillac has resumed production of the car but not at the initial cost. People who want to get it this time will have to pay N33.6 million.

Cadillac's plan after taking more orders

In order to clear the air about the number of CT6-V to be produced, Cadillac Society got confirmation from the brand the 275 figure was particularly for the numbers of units available for preorder. Although it isn’t yet clear how many CT6-V Cadillac plans on building in this second installment, fans across the world have hopes of getting the car. Paying a little extra money is something they are willing to do for their favorite car brand.


Who can resist the charming beauty from this design?

A letter sent to dealers says that buyers who made preorders "were rewarded with a special introductory offer by quickly raising their hand." Individuals who couldn’t meet up with the draw have probably put the extra time to good use by looking for more money to complete the cost for the second installments.

We at believe that Cadillac is trying to be smart by using the term “second installment” in order to cap production at its convenience. Any opportunity to make more sales is good for business.

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Chris Odogwu
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