Byton’s All-electric M-Byte SUV: 1st with 49 inch screen on windscreen & 7 inch screen on steering wheel


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Byton just unleashed the first car that has a touchscreen of it steering wheel. Trust to bring you details about the byton all electric M-byte SUV so just read on!

About the Byton’s all-electric M-byte SUV

Byton surprised the world at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas by introducing the first car to have a touchscreen on its steering wheels - the Byton all electric M-byte SUV.


Byton Concept Electric SUV Launched On CES Las Vegas!

Interior decor of the Byton’s all-electric M-byte SUV

This car comes with 5 different display screens including the 49 inch screen integrated in the windshield and don’t be surprised when I tell you that this is the largest ever on a vehicle manufactured. The 49 inch display allows front seat occupants watch TV shows and movies, at the same time display the infotainment system as well as all the vehicle's information.

Also included in this fabulous car is a steering wheel imprinted with a seven inch touchscreen in the middle, meaning it is the first ever car to have this feature. We are actually not through with this description because you will also notice a touchscreen in-between the front seats and the remaining two for those at the rear.

Byton M-Byte all-electric SUV at CES 2019


The dual display screens on the steering wheel and on the windscreen

You won’t believe that this car also comes with a 5G enabled connectivity while the maker claimed there will be two versions of the vehicle being manufactured this year.

The first one is the rear wheel drive version which cost ₦16 million with the battery power at 71kwh and can travel nearly 250 miles on a single charge. The second one has a 4-wheel-drive layout, boasting an impressive battery power at 95kwh and can go as far as 323 miles on a charge.


Two more display screens are for the rear seat passengers!


49-inch interactive screen within the windscreen on display


So the 5 display screens are just so fantastic! But with the dual of the 49 inch screen and 7 inch screen both being in front of the driver, we hope they won't cause too much distraction.

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Bello Hammed
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