Bugatti Chiron presents an all-new ₦1.2b Pur Sport, with more daring looks and performance


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The all-new ₦1.2b Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport is the newest variant of the powerful Chiron's lineup, with more agility and daring looks.

Since the Chiron made its debut in 2016, Bugatti has introduced several variants of this powerful hypercar, such as Bugatti Divo, Chiron Sport 110 Ans Bugatti, Chiron Sports, one-off La Voiture Noire, Bugatti Chiron 300+ and the stunning Bugatti Centodieci.


The all-new Pur Sport by Bugatti Chiron offers more firmness at the front and rear when compared to the base Chiron

From the latest report, the all-new Chiron Pur Sport is the newest member of the Chiron hypercar family, valued at a whopping ₦1.2 billion ($3.35m). This is like an additional $1 million over what a standard Chiron goes for in the market today.


The newly introduced Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport has come fitted with more agility to attack corners at top speed

The Chiron Pur Sport is reportedly to be lighter by 110 pounds compared to the base Chiron and there is now additional firmness, as much as 130 percent of the connection between its body, suspension and chassis in front while the hypercar offers 77 percent more firmness at the back.

Stephan Winkelmann, who happens to be the President of Bugatti, while passing his comment on the new variant of Chiron, said:

“We spoke to customers and realized they wanted a vehicle that is geared even more towards agility and dynamic cornering,

“A hypersports car that yearns for country roads with as many bends as possible. An unadulterated, uncompromising driving machine. Consequently, the vehicle is called Chiron Pur Sport.”

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The newest variant of Chiron is a hyper sports car offering a top speed of 218 mph from its famous Bugatti engine

The Bugatti Pur Sport appears more agile since it has been created to tackle corners at top speed on a racetrack or even on windy roads. This is indeed in contrast to the Bugatti Chiron 300+, designed to be proactive in its acceleration on straight-line.


The all-new Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport comes fitted with the company’s 16-cylinder 8.0-liter engine specifically designed for Chiron. Its powerful engine offers a peak speed of 218 mph (electronically limited) and only 60 units will be produced.

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