Track Machine: Brabham Automobiles starts the production of the BT62 Hypercar


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Who wouldn't wait for such? You might have to wait a bit as Brabham Automobiles kicks off the production of BT62 Hypercar with 700 horsepower. Click here for more!

The production of BT62 Hypercar has been confirmed by Brabham automobiles, which will kick off in the city of Adelaide, Australia.

Car Sales were informed by the owner and founder, David Brabham, while attending the Goodwood Festival of Speed, indicating the delivery of the first three BT62s to customers in first quarter of year 2020.

“We’ve got builds happening now. We’ll have three cars,”


The Brabham hypercar was specifically built for track only but could be street-legal with the new kits

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David further said:

 “Yes, we’ve had some delays. But that has mostly been down to suppliers, and some of the effects of Brexit. But that is mostly behind us and now we’re investing in the factory.”


The high performing Brabham BT62 Hypercar cabin is built for only one thing - SPEED!

It was originally planned by the company to deliver the first model to a client this coming month, but it appears the customer is ready to wait a bit longer for this track beast. It is absolutely normal to experience a bit of delay with this kind of vehicle and the owners are always ready to get the best car of their dream.

Brabham did disclose a kit which could make it legal for street at the beginning of this year despite the fact that the model was pubicized as only-for-track Hypercar. The conversion which comprises features such as air conditioning, immobilizers, door locks, front and rear lifts, could be carried out in Australia and United Kingdom.

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Brabham BT62 demo laps at Mount Panorama

The Braham BT62 Hypercar comes equipped with V8 5.4-liter engine with a generative output of 700 horsepower and 492 pound feet of torque, coupled with aggressive sporty aero kits capable of generating several downforce. It established a new record for a lap earlier this year at the Australia’s Mount Panorama Circuit located at New South Wales, in Bathurst specifically, overthrowing the record previously held by Audi R8 Ultra GT3 race car.

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