Usain Bolt launched the Bolt Nano e-car! You can reserve yours for $999!


Posted by: Oluwatobi Ogunrinde

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The Bolt Nano e-car is small, electric and doesn't even pollute the environment. Designed to reduce congestion, find out what the famous athlete is up to with this new compact car. See it here!

1. Usain Bolt releases Bolt Nano e-car and e-scooter

The Bolt Nano is a two-seater, all-electric, and zero-emission vehicle. It was unveiled earlier in May, at the VivaTech conference in Paris. At the moment, detailed information about the vehicle have not been released, but prices start at $9,999 (~N3.6 million), and the Bolt Mobility will start taking deliveries from 2020.

Right at the same time Bolt announced the unveiling of its e-scooter, the Bolt Nano was also introduced. Interested users of the e-scooter service locate their vehicles via an app (which can be downloaded on Google Play store or Apple store), and they pay for their ride through an account with the company.

According to Bolt Mobility, the goal is to “clean up our planet with simple, safe and sustainable transport solutions”.

As one very successful athlete of his time and a co-founder of the business, Usain Bolt is just entering into a new chapter of his life:

 “Through traveling, through my times as a track athlete, I’ve learned that the cities around the world need help with congestion.”

The result of the collaborative ideas from Bolt Mobility is a design that was created specifically with longer urban commutes in mind. The compact, state-of-the-art design of the Bolt Nano allows drivers to safely maneuver through traffic and park in congested areas without difficulty.

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2. What makes the Bolt Nano different?

The Bolt Nano has a swappable battery, just like your smartphone. Rather than the microcar being taken out of action when the battery runs down, the Nano battery can be easily replaced.

In addition, the Nano will be part of the Bolt rental platform. This means you can offer your car up to the rental service to earn some money back. Although the exact dates haven't been declared yet, this will take effect once the Nano becomes more popular.


The vision of the future - Bolt is designed to escape traffic.

To reserve a Bolt Nano, you have to make a refundable deposit of $999 now. Based on your reservation number, “it will be available on first come first serve basis in late 2020”.

If there’s anywhere the Bolt Nano will serve perfectly, it has to be Nigeria. Imagine driving a mini car, the size of a tricycle (Keke Napep) and beating Lagos traffic. Although we don’t know what the interior looks like, from the few pictures, it should have a good infotainment system at least, which makes it a great package

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Oluwatobi Ogunrinde
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