BMW X5 Protection VR6 ridicules AK-47 bullets & other ammunition


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Want to feel like a hero in an action movie? Then you should get the X5. It is resistant to AK-47 bullets and other explosives. Check out other features!

Luxury meets power – this is the perfect description of the soon-to-be-released BMW X5 Protection VR6 car. If for any reason your life is threatened, this machine can be your savior. You get to protect yourself without watering down your style.

When you take a first look at the X5, you might get the impression that it is just another crossover, but you will be amazed. This seemingly regular crossover makes bullets as large as 7.62×39-mm from an AK-47 useless. That is not all, if whoever is after your life chooses to use explosives on you, they will be disappointed to find out that the armored vehicle can resist blasts that are up to 15 kilograms i.e 33 pounds.


Don't be deceived by its simple front view; it offers so much more

Features of the BMW X5 Protection VR6

The automaker made use of sophisticated tools to achieve such a high level of protection obtainable in the X5. This includes equipping the doors with highly powered steel panels, firewall, roof and side frames. The luggage and underbody compartments are also equipped with aluminum.

Measurement of the windows is 30 millimeters in thickness for the doors, rear and windshield. The automaker boasts that they are resistant to force applied with hand held weapons. And if the attack worsens, passengers will be protected from getting hurt – thanks to the splinter protection available.


The body boasts of highly powered features for maximum protection

Spicing up the protection capacity, BMW gives buyers the option to add more protective features if they want. There is an additional extra underbody protection that makes attacks from grenades discharged with the hands to have no impact. Worried about attacks from drones? Worry no more; a blast of 200 grams has nothing on the armored roof.

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BMW X5 Protection VR6 Performance

The X5 is supercharged with a V8 engine of 4.4-twinturbo, producing 553 pound feet and 523 horsepower. You will be impressed with the 62 miles it covers in an hour.

If you are being chased, and the tires lose air pressure, the car will not stop. Its 20-inch wheels come with reinforced sidewalls, keeping the vehicle moving. Fire outbreak has nothing on the fuel tank as it is well protected with a special bespoke cover. And if punctured, it is self-healing.


Its V8 engine is ready for a hot chase

BMW X5 Protection VR6 Interior

Up to four people can comfortably seat in the X5. No doubt, having more space to accommodate more people would have been better. There is an intercom in the car that allows occupants to communicate with people outside. In the face of danger or an emergency, you can call for help while the car does what it was manufactured for – protecting you.


You can activate the alarm by pressing a button

There is a hold-up alarm made of the highest standard. It can be activated by simply pressing a button. The doors get locked, the lights blink, the windows close and a loud sound is made.

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BMW X5 Protection VR6 Pricing

BMW did not disclose the price when it made announcement of the X5 Protection VR6. From Naijauto’s comparison with other armored vehicles, the price should be no less than N70 million.


The doors are not ordinary. They are made of special materials for protection.

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