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The BMW X4 2019 starts at N36m for the 30i and N43m for the M40i.

Launched in 2014, the first generation of BMW X4 sold out 200,000 cars, adding a sale record to the well-known list of Bimmers. BMW X4 2019 promises to offer sportier rides with wider tracks, enhanced aerodynamics, updated suspension with lower gravity center.

Equipped with inline-four engine which can produce 248 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque at max, the second generation of X4 in standard xLine model can speed up to 60 mph within exactly 6 seconds. In the meantime, the BMW M performance version can reach top torque of 365 lb-ft with 355 hp at best. More impressively, it takes this model only 4.6 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. Anyway, either xDrive30i or M Performance uses 8-speed Steptronic gearbox along with intelligent driving mode.

BMW X4 2019 angular front

BMW X4 2019 on road

BMW X4 2019 rear view

BMW X4 2019 promises to stir up Nigerian car fandoms

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Regarding dimensions, a more dynamically stretched proportion was achieved with its length extended to 187.5 inches, wheelbase increased by 2.1 inches to reach 112.7 inches, width added 1.4 inches to measure 75 inches, while height is reduced 0.1 inch to 63.8 inches. This indicates the meticulousness of BMW designers who have also strived for an ideal ratio of weight at 50:50 between the front and back axle.

Also, BMW X4 2019 is equipped with all the BMW's latest systems of semi-automated driving and driver assistance, salient among which is the new generation Active Cruise Control (ACC) which can help car to halt and automatically restart the engine in busy city traffic. The Driving Assistance Pakage consists of Speed Limit Information, Lane Departure Warning, Cross Traffic Alarming Rear, Front Collision Alert and Mitigation, Daytime Pedestrian Protection and Blind Spot Detection.

Experience the gem of BMW through photos below!

Stunning interiors of BMW X4, 2nd generation

Stunning interiors of BMW X4, 2nd generation

BMW X4 2019

Stunning interiors of BMW X4, 2nd generation

As for owner convenience, the product can provide Wifi with high-speed connection for 10 mobile devices at max. Apple CarPlay Compatibility and Standard Navigation are two more bonus points that can’t be overlooked. Intelligent Touch & Voice controller aids in enhancing interactions between driver and car.

Larger Head-US Display aiming at direction navigation, upgraded lightweight braking cluster and DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) should also be mentioned to highlight this supreme model from BMW.

All things considered, BMW X4 2019 30i is tagged N36m while the M40i is at N43m, including shipping fee and import duty to Nigeria.

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