BMW X2 M35i 2019 release - Perfect competition after 33 years


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We had waited 33 years for X2 model to compete favourably with the SQ2 by Audi. Ail might have failed but the BMW X2 M35i has come to redeem the line-up image. Read on!

This is unarguably the most powerful X2 by BMW in thirty three years to pose a real challenge to the likes of Audi SQ2. Here on Naijauto, is the BMW X2 M35i 2019 review.

1. Overview of the long-awaited BMW X2 M35i 2019

BMW X2 M35i 2019 model year belongs to the top performance new class with the ambition to bring conventional hatchback worth to the crossover premium ranks.

You can’t classify it fully under the M model but it is similar in brief to more concentrated siblings with its very attractive look to those who truly have love for impressive designs. Not just that, it appeals strongly to drivers with zeal for pace and precision, which is quite better than what standard X2 offers.

Remarkably, this model is the very first 4-cylinder model manufactured from the M division by the automaker since the launch of M3 original thirty three years ago. There is a very potent B48 BMW engine, which is what you would enjoy in this new X2 M35i. It has been exposed to many upgrades coupled with detailed changes such as cooling measure, which is really commendable. It comes with a turbo-charged traversely mounted 2.0-liter with the generative power of 302 horsepower and 332 pound feet of torque. This is incredibly an additional 113 horsepower and 126 pound of feet over the strongest petrol using X2 versions, which is the xDrive20i.


image-of- BMW X2 M35i 2019

With the inclusion of M Sport accents in its styling package, the exterior design is really tuned up

The 2019 model comes with 8-speed standard torque automatic gearbox (converter-equipped), which is standard in a bid to reliability and absence of untoward spinning of the wheel on the road. It promises a multiple plate of clutch 4-wheel and function of race start with differential for its four-wheel.

There is also the provision from the M division by BMW to offer a retuned front strut of MacPherson and rear suspension in a multi-link. It gets springs, which are firmer and damper and also ride height reduction over 18-inch wheel standard and regular models. Buyers have the choice to pick their active damper specification and option of either 19-inch or 20-inch wheels.

2. A closer look into BMW X2 M35i 2019 design

When you move pass this, the BMW X2 M35i 2019 gets an exterior design of Sport styling package, which has been refined from the X2 standard package with a newer air ducts at the front bumper to ensure better cooling, grille grey accents, mirror housing, element of spoiler and twin tailpipe, which are components of rear exhaust system of the M Sport.

The interior design has seen lots of refined changes. It now features accents of M sport, which comprise the steering wheel (leather bound) coupled with shift paddles with a pair of front seats which are highly bolstered. This comes with seatbelts that are M branded with the lettering of M35i located on the trim on front door. This is just one among many upgraded details.



It offers a very refined interior design, something other X2 models might have been missing

ConnectedDrive suite by BMW, head-up display (multi-colour) and assistant for traffic jams are all among the options that are quite useful.

3. What about driving this BMW X2 M35i 2019?

The new BMW X2 M35i doesn’t lack in performance with acceleration from a standstill of zero to 62mph in just 5 seconds. It comes with a peak speed of 155 miles per hour. Although, the 4-cylinder present in the first M-branded BMW product after 33 years might not be as smooth as the company’s newest 6-cylinder powertrain but it has shown how powerful it could also be with nice exhaust qualities and a very soothing sound system.

You might experience short period of lag when it comes to delivery of power especially when the pressure boost of the turbocharger twin-scroll is being built from low revs. It gets really better when you get to 2000rpm and so on. This is when you would experience flexible engagement and exciting acceleration experience.

2019 BMW X2 M35i - Review

Another impressive part of this 2019 BMW X2 M35i is the availability of more responsive chassis than other X2 versions. So, it gives better response whether you are driving within city or even on the highway. The fact that it is equipped with a firm damping is enough to give it longitudinal stability and a remarkable precision since it contains pitch and roll sufficiently.

Good traction is certainly offered in damp condition with the inclusion of 4-wheel drive system on multplate clutch, which has been tuned uniquely and rendering power to the wheels at the rear. The only issue you might encounter here is the limitation caused by firm chassis, which could warrant aggressive rebound features , enough to panic a little bit on rough road.


This new 2019 model is arguably the most powerful X2 model you will see in the market right now

4. Should you buy a BMW X2 M35i 2019?

The BMW X2 M35i is an impressive and complete package despite its few setbacks such as engine that is transversely mounted and height of high ride. This is a refined and swift alternative to growing number of high performing crossovers such as Audi SQ2. The interior design has also been upgraded, which provides missing parts of regular X2 and poses serious challenge in the market.

The suggested retail price for a BMW X2 M35i 2019 is around N16.7 million. This hasn't included delivery fees, importation tax or clearance cost.

Generally, if you are in the market hunting for a hatchback appropriate for every season, you should definitely give it a consideration, of course if you can afford.

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