BMW new E-Scooter reaches 20 km/h at top speed


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BMW has decided to join the Scooter business and they choose Micro Mobility systems as design partners to deliver on its premium style E-Scooters across Europe. Check details of this product here!

If you are looking for a very beautiful and simple way to move around town and back to your base with a 30-minute cumulative travel time, then the BMW electric scooter is a natural option. As Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and other major cities are gradually becoming unbearable due to the stifling traffic situation, we must find ways to survive and BMW has offer us a premium upscale option.

So many cities around the globe have embraced the Scooter for the fun of it and for ease of movement. Already a lot of fun lovers and smart guys are making use of the scooter in Nigeria and before long the Scooter business should experience an immerse boom here.

1. BMW E-scooter basic specifications

BMW has decided to join the Scooter business and they choose Micro Mobility systems as design partners to deliver on its premium style E-Scooters.

Micro Mobility systems is a lifestyle brand and a pioneer in the E-scooter business. The company which started up in 1999 by its founder Wim Ouboter who invented the two-wheeled scooter, has its headquarters in Küsnacht, Switzerland. Micro Mobility Systems has similar design arrangement with Peugeot, where they built the Peugeot Micro e-Kick. The Peugeot e-Kick weighs about 8.5 kg and has a top speed of approximately 25 kilometers per hour.

Watch the newly released BMW E-Scooter here!

However, the BMW E-Scooter is 20 pounds or 9 kg offering that is capable of running for about 37 minutes (battery life), if used on a good surfaced road.

It comes with a 140-watt electric motor that has a top speed of 12 miles per hour or 20 kilometers per hour and a power use range of 7.5 miles. It is beautifully designed with 200mm large and durable BMW designed wheels and special high adjustment to enhanced an exceptional riding experience. The E-Scooter is foldable which reduces parking and space requirement and can this be easily folded and placed under a desk.

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More young Nigerians are adopting scooters for their daily transport

The BMW E-Scooter is built with two separate brake systems, one for the front wheel and the other for the rear wheel. To enhance its trim and space saving feature, the Lithium battery are tucked away neatly somewhere in the front plate and hidden under the rear wheel plate. The E-Scooter has lighting on both the front and rear ends and it takes just two hours to be fully charges and ready for use.

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2. Suggested prices of BMW E-Scooter

Starting from September of this year, BMW dealership across Europe will be able to sell the E-Scooter, with a price that will be starting at $895 (~N320,500).

The BMW E-Scooter will be offered alongside two other non-electric options. The other options will include the BMW City Scooter which will go for $224 (~N80,200) and the BMW Kids Scooter which will be sold for an approximate value of $134 (~N48,000).

The BMW Kids Scooter comes with a single seat and is also size adjustable, makes it an ideal fun tool for kids as young 3 years to practice out balancing. The size adjustment features allows for the seats to be taken off and the handle bar heights to be adjusted to accommodate the child’s growth.  


BMW Scooter looks cool and reliable, just as their cars

We are not sure when the BMW E-Scooter will be available to Nigerian users, but we at Naijauto will definitely bring you updates on it as soon as we get them. However, you can a number of Electric and non-electric scooters on Jumia and other stores or have it orders through E-Bay for as low as N91,000.

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