BMW 8-series Gran Coupe will be launched in June, 2019


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The BMW 8-series Gran Coupe will replace the outgoing 6-series gran coupe and join the lineup of 4-series gran coupes. See more on the story here!

1. Latest news on the launch of BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe

German car manufacturer, BMW, have just announced that they will be launching the much anticipated BMW 8-Series Gran coupe in June 2019. The four-door coupe comes at a time when such cars are now in vogue. They added that the car will be made available for sale in September. Insiders from the brand said the 8-series Gran Coupe will replace the outgoing 6-series and join the lineup of 4-series version.


The BMW 8 series is a much needed upgrade from the outgoing 6 series

It's worthy to note that the first BMW 8-series was a two door coupe that came as an E 31 in 1990. BMW gave drivers the options of having one with a V12 or V8 engine. After a while, the production of this first generation of 8-series ended as a result of low sales - in 1999. After much consideration by the German automaker, they decided to start making the 8-series again but in different body styles. In 2018, the second generation of 8-series was relaunched, named as G15 8-series.

It came with an inline 6 cylinder diesel engine. Asides the G15 8-series which is a two door coupe and G14 8-series (a convertible), there's now going to be G16 8-series (the four door gran coupe). The main idea is to take over from the F12 6-series, F06 6-series and the F13 6-series.

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2. Quick review of BMW 8-series generations

The BMW 8-series cars made between 1990 - 1999, are the first generation 8-series. In as much as production started 6 years before release, the German brand wanted to get everything right before putting the model out for sale. But it didn't quite seem to meet sales target, even with the upgrades it had and it's multi-link rear axle. Funny enough, it broke some records. The E31 8-series was first to have a 6-speed manual gearbox synced to a V12 engine. When electronic drive by wire throttles were a thing in the 90's, it was also one of the first cars ever to have one.


The interior of the BMW 8 series gives the driver a homely and race course feel

Production of the 8-series stopped until almost 20 years later, in 2018, when the G14 was launched. It came as a convertible. Since then, production and sales of this second generation 8-series has surpassed expectations.

3. Expectations for the upcoming BMW 8-series

The current G15 will come as an all-wheel drive with a twin turbocharged V8 engine that can put out over 500 horsepower. This means, in less than 4 seconds, it can run up-to 60 miles per hour. Though the car is heavier and bigger, but looks like the acceleration hasn't quite changed. It also isn't so expensive as it is expected to go for 36 million naira. Keep in mind that there are plans to launch a BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe after this variant coming in June.


BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe spied on road before launch (Photo source:

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