BMW 3 Series 320d M Sport 2019 review - Is this the ultimate driving machine?


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We might have been swindled by other brands in terms of unreal designs or power-trains but the wait is finally over. Click here to see this new BMW 3 Series 320d review!

Don’t get too surprised when some people tag this model as the most important in the latest 3 series line-up. It is indeed an automotive testimony to the efficiency of diesel and the supreme driving machine. here on Naijauto, is the BMW 3 Series 320d M Sport 2019 review.

2019 BMW 3 Series 320d M Sport: Overview and uniqueness

There is no doubt that we live in era when people get overwhelmed by so many things surrounding a car such as super shape, performance, unreal powertrains, interior and several other factors put into perspective. But the downside to some of these instances is that it raises people hope and crushes it when they realize that these cars are incapable of achieving those performance promises. You would sometimes wish you could go turn back the hands of time and go back to the past where you made that wrong decision. That decision you thought you did make is the current BMW 320d saloon. Dreams do come true.

The 2019 BMW 3 Series 320d has sat quietly at the middle of the universe for successive generations while lots have been going on ridiculously around it. People with real needs and limitations such as logistic, geography or budget might desire a car that can meet these conditions and work at all levels. With the 320d, you get to enjoy 6-gear manual transmission, five seats, three boxes, four doors, 2-wheel drive and a 2.0-liter turbo-charged diesel engine.

NEW BMW 3 Series 2019 - Full review (320d M Sport package)

2019 BMW 3 Series 320d M Sport: Design and engine performance

BMW has a pedigree for superbly clear and intuitive operation system. Not forgetting that first impression is very vital and many at times, count. You might have a little bit of issue with the instrument screen in this 2019 320d as it appears unnecessarily over-stylized, hereby positioning the speed and revs primary information around its edges while putting the non-useful map at the centre with a splat of other data dotted about the rest.

Do not panic yet, the presence of the iDrive console is a real consolation as it is very easy to comprehend. Just that the cluster that comes with it is now more cluttered. You might prefer the one in the F30 3 Series though.

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The fresh look of BMW 3 Series 320d M Sport 2019

The ride quality of this car is superb and that would come as a surprise to many, especially those who are ardent lovers of the F30. There is this feeling that the F30 would offer smoother passage from one place to the next rather than the firm G20, which comes as a replacement. While some might decide to go for the SE model, some other people’s preference might lie on the stiffer M Sport model.

Don’t put your hope over the cloud thinking acquiring the optional adaptive damping would provide a magical solution to slight stiff handling issue. From report of performing testing on the Comfort mode, the underlying stiffness is still present. You may want to have a rethink if you are into a regular long distance driving.


This is arguably the most important model in the new 3 Series line-up powered by diesel engine

The size is incredibly bigger and taller than the first 7 Series manufactured 40 years back and its length is as long as the 5 Series produced 30 years ago. So, if you expect this new car to be small, you should quickly erode that thought from your mind. Yet, don’t go over the roof and be expecting an interior as structured as limousine. But it is definitely a very spacious car for its range. It is big enough to accommodate five adults comfortably without sprawling around.

BMW 3 Series 320d M Sport 2019 is indeed a premium economy car.


Take a look at its simple but quality cabin!

There is another exciting thing about this model. You might envisage that since it is bigger than previous version, it would be heavier. Hell no! With the use of aluminum in its structural design, it is lighter and bigger. With interesting details such as lower centre of gravity, 25% stiffer structure, wider track, more camber on the front wheels and a damper with specially designed anti-squat and anti-dive technology, you do not need to go adaptive. Its rear is firmly sprung.

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Spacious enough to contain 5 adults comfortably and optimal driving features- Can't get better than this!

You also need to know one thing about its 2.0-liter diesel engine, with similar power and torque like the previous model; its hauling power is quite unique and amazing. It looks like the automaker has decided to revert to its sequential turbo trick deployed on the 535d like 10 years ago during the time of E60.

It is a mixture of large low pressure unit and small high pressure turbo to make sure that it achieves a penchant for head-butting the rare limiter in an oil burner and a close lag-free response at low revs. BMW 3 Series 320d M Sport 2019 also offers an optional 8-speed automatic with the ability to reach zero to 62mph in just 6.8 seconds. That is similar to the pace of the standard M3.


With its lower emission, the power under the hood is capable enough to meet all your special needs

BMW 3 Series 320d M Sport 2019 Handling

When you approach corners, you wouldn’t have much of an issue since the handling of this BMW 320d is very remarkable. The steering wheel feels so much alive when you hold it than you would experience while driving any compact executive saloon car.

The grip is very impressive and the confidence at which the car approaches corner is really a wonder. It moves precisely and unable to be fazed by bumps, surface changes or even undulations. It goes directly to your intended direction. Hardly will you see any car in its segment that possesses such an amazing level of composure and precision.

BMW 3 Series Review and Test Drive 320d M Sport

The feeling that diesel engine is dead becomes a fallacy with this new model. It promises a performance of low CO2 with 50 miles per gallon in out of the town driving.

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Conclusion: Should you buy one?

This ride might have slight challenges that could change your decision, but the positive reviews surely overwhelm the bad parts. The fact that BMW 3 Series 320d M Sport 2019 is driver-focused is enough to convince you to make a quick purchase of the 3 Series.


Right there in the automotive market, there are few road precise cars just like 320d in similar range

With rivals such as Jaguar XE D180 R-Dynamic S and Mercedes C220d AMG line, it feels like this ultimate driving machine feels justified siting calmly at the centre of the world. If you feel it meets your needs, you shouldn’t hesitate as long you can afford one.

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