Bentley Continental GTC 2019 convertible version review plus First drive video


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Looks like Conti's engineers should take a full vacation for now as there is no sign of imminent rivalry or danger on this stunning luxury convertible model. Click here for full review!

1. Bentley Continental GTC 2019 introduction

This model is obviously a class of its own with many benefits to offer. You might want to know what the luxury automaker, Bentley has in stock for us in this new model.

2019 Bentley Continental GTC – convertible model of the 2nd generation Continental GT had just been unveiled by Bentley. This version is quite similar in key areas to the coupe except the introduction of new powered hood that is really elegant. The amazing thing about this hood is, it takes just nineteen seconds to erect and could be raised or lowered when you are driving the car at 31 miles per hour in speed. The new model had an additional over 100kg kerb weight. So, the new convertible is not just a luxury car but also a versatile 2-door model.



The 2019 Bentley Continental Convertible is the true definition of luxury, versatility and performance

The bespoke platform was deployed on the version in engineering it from the beginning as similar to that used on Panamera by Porsche. At the earliest stage of the design, the ragtop’s need was taken into consideration with less intrusion of the hood into the cabin, hereby requesting not much of reinforcement of the chassis and less disturbance with the aerodynamics of the car.

It is rare gem as it offers enough space for four occupants with more preference given to those at the front seat in this luxury car by Bentley.

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2. Bentley Continental GTC 2019 exterior to under the hood

It is definitely a big car with a larger wheelbase and longer body length when compared with the outgoing model. Bentley should be commended here for improving its body proportion and taking off any sign of closeness to the old Volkswagen Phaeton limo, the original provider of platform for Continental.

It comes with a 6.0-liter revised engine of W12 with direct and indirect fuel injection, enough to evenly spread torque and remove CO2. This revision of its engine has also affected many mechanical refinement such as valve timing and others. It has the generative power of 626 horsepower (600rpm) in a 664 pound feet of torque. This engine output is more than capable to floor the strongest of the older GT versions.


With its 626 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque, the added kerb weight is not even a bit of a problem

Just like older versions, the new Bentley Continental GTC 2019 convertible offers a 4-wheel drive with newer system emphasis. You now have the option to select a version that keeps rear wheel retained many times while offering you the handling and adjustability not seen on previous models. When required, the new version can send to the front wheels, 38% of its torque in the setting for Comfort or Bentley suspension. It can send torque of 17% in the Sport mode. 3-chamber air suspension units are now used by the Conti just like on the coupe and even the Panamera. The new model now promises 8-speed twin-clutch gearbox as a replacement for the old slushmatic.

The weight of the convertible doesn’t really count due to the evenly distributed torque and power which makes it possible to accelerate from zero to 60mph in just 3.7 seconds. Aside all these, there are just few differences between the coupe and the convertible. They offer similar balancing in chassis, steering response and quality of ride. It appears that the company’s engineers had eliminated the scuttle shake and chassis flex, commonly found on convertibles that are big.

NEW Bentley Continental GTC Convertible 2019 - First Drive Review

Once you decide to go top down when driving, you quickly understand the extent of importance and how it affects the exotic convertible. The airflow of the balmy cockpit, its progress’s prestige and the murmuring of the exhaust note right into your ears would give you orgasm and lots of pleasure while driving.

One beautiful thing about this convertible is that when you erect its hood, people find it hard to differentiate between it and coupe. Bentley has built itself a strong reputation for producing cars with versatility and high quality. This is exactly what you will get in this new Continental convertible. When you tour the city with this model regardless of the weather, you find it to be worthwhile and absolutely enjoyable.

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This spacious 4-seater luxury convertible offers a whole lot more than its actual price

3. Bentley Continental GTC 2019 price: Should you buy one?

Finally it all depends on your preference. But the real question is: can you afford one? If you are in the market for 4-seater drop-top in the bracket of Bentley, it might take long for you to get anything close to it. There are also good and remarkable convertible in the market but their prices might be higher when seeking for similar experience.


Buying 2019 Continental convertible by Bentley isn't even an option except you cannot afford it. 

Most of these rival brands lack the name, capability, timeless quality and space accustomed to Bentley. You pay whole less for the performance you would get. Looks like this continental designers should take a vacation as there is no rivalry for now, despite the array of rivalries. If you are willing to drop 175,000 euro to 220,000 euro, a Bentley Continental GTC 2019 is already yours.

The price tag translates to 70.5 million to 88.6 million naira. And that amount hasn't included the delivery fee, clearing cost, import tax or any pop-up expenses to get one sent to Nigeria yet.

4. Final notes

This new Bentley Continental GTC 2019 Convertible is an epitome of performance and versatility. It suits many needs and definitely not the kind of car for middle class or average salary earner anytime soon.

However, chances are for everyone. Just look on the bright side, keep working and look forward to the day you acquire it!

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