Bentley Bentayga Speed vs Mercedes AMG G63: who boasts of more power & luxury?


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Between the Bentley Bentayga Speed and Mercedes AMG G63 which would you rather shell out big bucks for? This quick comparison review by Naijauto will help you.

When it comes to luxury SUVs, image is everything, and no better examples can there be than these two deluxe SUVs: the Mercedes AMG G63 and the Bentley Bentayga Speed.

Let’s take a look at the specification of both cars before comparing them side by side! The review is brought to you by - the biggest car website in Nigeria!

1. Bentley Bentayga Speed specifications

  • 5.950cc W12 twin-turbocharged
  • 8 speed automatic
  • Four wheel drive (4wd)
  • 635@5000 rpm horsepower
  • 664@1750 - 4,500 rpm torque lb-ft
  • 3.9 seconds at 0-62 mph
  • 190 mph top speed
  • Five seater, 2,483 kg weight
  • 19.2 mpg combined
  • 308g/km CO2


Does the Bentley Bentayga Speed live up to the Bentley pedigree?

2. Mercedes AMG G63 specifications

  • 3,982CC V8 twin-turbocharged
  • 9 speed automatic
  • Four wheel drive
  • 585@6000 rpm horsepower
  • 626@ 2,500 - 3,500 rpm torque lb-ft
  • 4.5 secat 0 - 62mph
  • 137mph top speed, but up to 149 mph with optional AMG Driver’s package
  • 2,560 kg of weight
  • 21.4 mpg combined
  • 299g/km CO2


The Mercedes G63 comes from an old tradition, but hopefully has something new to offer still

3. Bentley Bentayga Speed vs Mercedes AMG G63 Side-by-side comparison

Both cars are definitely worth the six-figure amount you will splash out for them. While the Mercedes G63 on the one hand is just the latest offering of an old and trusted G-Wagon formula, the Bentayga while a definite king, is not so big on the pretty pedestal.

3.1. Bentayga Speed vs AMG G63 design and performance

The Bentayga comes with a 12 cylindered engine putting out 635 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque married to 190mph top speed. This makes it one of the best in luxury SUVs. Still the Mercedes G63 matches that with 585 horsepower, 626 lb-ft of torque, and 149mph best speed.

Driving the Mercedes G63 makes you feel like you are cruising on a ship, while the Bentayga has real zest in its style of driving. The Mercedes G63 doesn’t vibrate much, given its big engine and speed.

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Bentley may take you go faster but G63 gives more fun to your trip

3.2. Bentayga Speed vs AMG G63 Features

There is only a little difference between the old G43 and the present G63, when they are placed side by side, there are great similarities. However, the G63 looks bigger and wider than the old one.

It also possesses character features. Its doors are wonderfully air tight, and you may find you need to slam it more than once before it closes properly. It has external hinges and every other feature of the G-Wagon tradition. The body of this G63 SUV is separate from its backbone chassis, which makes use of independent suspension placed in front instead of the former live axle. This is controlled by its three-mode air suspension, unlike the Bentayga, whose suspensions, transmission as well as its engine are mounted to its body.


Clash of the luxury SUVs! the Bentayga is stylish, the G63 is rugged and classy

3.3. Bentayga Speed vs AMG G63 Engine

The G63’s setup is perfect for off-road but when it comes to handling and ride, the Bentayga is better. This 4.0 liter bi-turbo V8 of the G63 is capable of producing 577bhp and 850 Nm of torque. The 9 speed automatic box is a good mix with the 4x4 drivetrain coupled with side exhausts. Bentayga will output 635hp at 5,000rpm, and 664 lb-ft of torque.

The G63’s new engineering makes it 170kg lighter than its predecessor, but still a bit far from being a featherweight, with it weighing 2,560kg. Interestingly, it is 172kg heavier than the Bentley. Both the G63 and the Bentley are not light, but extra mass is felt more in the former than the latter. When it comes to height too, the G63 is taller than the Bentley Bentayga.

3.4. Bentayga Speed vs AMG G63 Interior

In the interior, the G63 resembles a modern vehicle, and not necessary a Mercedes patchworks. It comes with a giant artificial widescreen display. It has a fine squarish interior that really brings Mercedes’ “A” game. Its functionality as well as its interface looks just as slick as G-Wagens have always looked. Every part of the interior is first class, with your fingers always appreciating the quality; it reassures you of its worth and how well it was built.

The Bentayga feels vast with its big cabin with equipment, premium materials as well as its luxury. It shares a similarity here with the G63, with most of the surfaces covered with leather. However, there is that lingering feeling that the Bentayga could do better.

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3.5. Bentayga Speed vs AMG G63 Infotainment

For infotainment as well as instrument panel, the 12.3 inch display and soft leather makes the G63 a real Mercedes. Some equipment like the Sat-nav, Carplay, Android Auto, DAB, full-LED lights, adaptive cruise, parking censors and reversing camera are found in the G63. Also found in there are the heated leather front and backseats, metallic paint and other modern safety features.

In the Bentayga, the infotainment isn’t too advanced. It comes with an eight-inch screen and has nav and other functions too, with a digital panel amidst the analogue dials. You also find heated leather seats, cruise control, safety tech as well as a great stereo.


Both seat 5 persons in luxury, but Mercedes has the better interior materials frankly

3.6. Bentayga Speed vs AMG G63 Cargo space

In storage space, the G63 has more than the Bentley’s, with 667 liters of boot space, that is 183 liters more than the Bentayga’s, with backseats right in place. The Bentayga is also the best in Comfort mode in comparison to the G63.

3.7. Bentayga Speed vs AMG G63 Driving and handling

The G63 gives tremendous acceleration, all thanks to its V8 turbo engine. It can ramp up 60 mph from zero in 3.9 sec. This makes it quicker than the Bentley, with 4.1 sec. The stopping clock for the G63 was 3.6 seconds while the Bentley’s was 3.5 seconds. In using steering wheel paddles, G63 has real metal and looks nicer than the Bentley’s, which is plastic.

Regarding steering and response in handling, the G63’s is slower than the Bentley’s.  Also, you must not be too quick to dare those tight corners with the G6 at certain speeds. Neither of the cars is easy to maneuver due to their sizes, but still, the Bentley’s tighter turning circle helps it.

3.8. Bentayga Speed vs AMG G63 Price

The Bentley Bentayga costs $229,100 or ₦82,476,000, while the Mercedes G63 will set you back $148,495 or ₦53,458,200.


These two SUVs have a futuristic feel to their cockpit, but does the Bentayga's infotainment truly compare?

4. Verdict?

Pretty much both cars are the a god bargain even for the big dole out thy command, however the Mercedes G63 may have that tiny edge over the competition.

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