Future design preview – Bentley set to unveil its all-new concept in July


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The all-new concept coming this July will be the direct successor to EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept, the most recent sport coupe concept by Bentley. Click here for full story!

There has been a solid preparation on ground by Bentley in launching a new concept model in July this year as part of the company’s 100th ongoing anniversary celebration.

Stefan Sielaff, who is the design director for Bentley, holds a strong belief that the new concept will ensure a perfect glimpse into the brand’s future and design language’ evolutional preview.


Location of the Bentley all-new-concept's studio would be kept top secret for now until July

Design director made this comment to the auto Express:

It is a vision into the future, not 100 years, but maybe 30 years. It’s how we see Bentley developingExpect to see a view into the future and how the brand will look. The technology we will show is also credible and our technology road maps go up to the next 30 years. We don’t want to show a spaceship, it should be something that everyone says is a Bentley and can believe the technology steps we are showing.

The Future of Luxury Design with Stefan Sielaff, Director of Design - Bentley Motors

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Sielaff also believes that the designers at Bentley have been on a project for 2 years and is still far from conclusion. Right from the studio away from their headquarters in Crewe, UK, the new concept car will be coming to life and it will remain a secret in that location.

He said:

It has a very innovative design language, which is very important for me and my team. We can argue later on if the centenary concept car made a statement, and our next production cars that we are developing have to go in this direction. This did not happen by accident, we have been having these discussions with the board for two years,

The study will be a perfect fitting successor to the most recent sport coupe concept by Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept that was announced 4 years ago and also takes the shape of a low-slung coupe version.


The Bentley EXP 10 Speed introduced in 2015 will be the base for this year concept

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