See the Audi AI: Trail Quattro off-road concept in its helicopter style!


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The Audi's AI: Trail Quattro is an absolute concept for unimaginable off-road adventure on any kind of terrain. Click here for full access!

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Wraps have been pulled off the Audi AI: TRAIL quattro concept by the car manufacturer, which is an electric off-roader combining automated driving off the track with incredible capabilities.


With massive wheels and other amazing features, the Al: TRAIL Concept is an absolute off-roader for any terrain

The future design changes made by Audi for its SUV models have been previewed on this lunar rover lookalike concept. This proposed vehicle is the 4th member of the A1 concept series, which started way back with the Aicon in 2017.

The off-road concept comes equipped with 4 electric motors, one of which is dedicated to every wheel with a combined generative output of 429 horsepower and 737 pound feet of torque. There is absence of locks and differential, which means every motor depending on the condition of driving, is controlled by the EV powertrain.


The concept model will only offer display on the driver's smartphone pinned onto steering column

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The automaker hasn’t yet specified the onboard battery’s capacity but discloses its range of driving between 400 to 500 km (248-310 miles) on paved road and 250 km (155 miles) for rough ground. It offers a peak speed of 130 km/h (80 mph).

Audi offers all-round visibility accustomed with helicopter-style, without any obstruction for the occupants’ views to the sides and in the front. It offers a transparent front and sides’ panels, and a roof made from glass.


With a helicopter-style interior design, it offers the occupants an exciting off-road adventure

No display of its own would be found on the dashboard as it makes use of the attached driver’s smartphone on the steering column as control centre and display of the navigation system and function of the vehicle. Audi offers a lower dash since there is no screen equipped in the cabin, hereby optimizing outward visibility.

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It offers an easy access to outward view for the passengers without traditional headlights

The Audi AI: TRAIL Quattro shares similar 4.15 meters in length and width of 2.15 meters with the Audi Q3. The fact that it doesn’t have traditional headlights might seem a bit wacky, but it uses the 5, rotorless drone equipped with matrix LED elements. These lights could be used to illuminate the road when the driver fly them ahead of the vehicle or dock them on the roof rack. Images can also be transmitted to the display on the smartphone by the fitted cameras on the drones.

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