Now goes with the flow, Aston Martin released first ever all-electric car


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Looks like Aston Martin has finally dazzled its fans across the globe with its Rapide E, the first ever electric sedan produced by the British automaker. Check latest pics here!

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Looks like every automaker is going frenzy with the latest EV technology. Before we know it, electric cars have already filled up our streets and replaced the conventional vehicles we are accustomed to.

British owned company, Aston Martin, is one luxury automaker you can’t put aside when it comes to vehicle production. It is not yet much of a surprise that its pure electric vehicle Rapide E is coming to fans all over world for different feel in performance and environmental safety. To put it this way, our high expectations are really justified in this all-electric sedan.


Lots of insane creativity has been put into the design of all-electric Rapide E by Aston Martin

Aston Martin has recently unveiled its first ever all electric car at the just concluded 2019 Shanghai Motor Show. This news is coming after four years when it was originally made known to the public. A prototype was showcased in 2015 with an all-electric conversion of drivetrain. One thing we should know is that the British luxury Marque is only interested in producing only 155 units of this 4-door Rapide E for all potential buyers. We also learnt that this Rapide E sedan is going to be the first ever electric car to be used by James Bond.

It will have the generative power of 602 horsepower, somehow similar to the Aston Martin Rapide S, which is powered by gasoline engine. When it comes to the interior design, the company has replaced the previous analog display with a 10-inch digital screen that has the capability of showing the charge state, levels of power, real-time energy consumption and lots more.


A single charge will take you as far as 200 miles- Quite impressive!

It promises a real-wheel drive system with two electric motors mounted in the back of the back. Its advanced engineering partnership with Williams resulted to this 65kWh (800V) battery system, which is located where the transmission, V12 engine and the fuel storage tank would appear in the version that is powered by petrol. It also comes with an equipped little time charge of on-board charger for level two.

Aston Martin Rapide E comes with a top speed of 155 miles at every hour and has the capability to accelerate from a standstill of zero to 60 miles (0-100km/hr) in just 2 seconds. With its electric powertrain, it will be able to render three modes of driving. These include the GT, Sport and Sport+.


From the inside - It has feel of elegance and exotic style without omitting comfort

According to the automaker, Rapide E will be able to reach 200 miles after a single charge. Its battery can be charged at an incredible rate to three hundred miles range at every hour when plugged or used with a high speed EV charger outlet.

When you go beyond this Rapid E limited edition, the British automaker has decided to leave the electrified vehicles way up to its Lagonda brand. This is an assurance that the all-electric production version of the Lagonda SUV concept will be unveiled by 2023.

2020 Aston Martin Rapide E - Everything you need to know about Aston's first electric car!

Rapide E, an all-electric vehicle is available for order and you can only have access to the price only when you are ordering. To get the petrol powered Rapide S, you need to spend as much as $200,000 (~N72 million). It won’t be far from truth to expect the all-electric Rapide E price to be way higher than the gasoline powered engine.

We will be very much excited to see one or two of these all-electric Rapide E plying Nigerian roads. Seems like most these automakers are seriously embracing zero emission and eco friendly stand in their production type.

Now, let's take closer look at this luxury all-electric Rapide E from Aston Martin!




Only 155 units of this Aston Martin Rapide E are produced

Who do you reckon to make the first order?

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