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The upcoming Aston Martin DBX SUV has not be officially launched until the end of this year. However we expect that the DBX will come with some features found in the recent Aston AMG Brands. Check its leaked photos here!

The upcoming Aston Martin DBX SUV has not been officially launched until the end of this year. However, based on the production prototype, Naijauto already have an idea of the features to expect in the new DBX SUV. It should also be expected that the DBX SUV will come with some technical features found in the recent Aston products like AMG.

Based on its expected performance which is comparable with Lamborghini Urus which cost over $226,250 (~N81.5 million), the price of the Aston Martin DBX SUV should also be around this price.

1. Exterior clues of the new Aston Martin DBX

With the exterior look of the new Aston DBX SUV, it has got some really striking resemblance to Aston Martin Vantage except for the color and off course the SUV look. Obviously, the body is made of aluminum and has a 4-doors configuration. However, at the front fascia, the corner vents have been opened up which makes it unique from other Aston Martin models.

The new Aston Martin DBX SUV also has series of high-tech exterior features which aid driving and also maximize engine performance. With the appearance of the DBX SUV prototype, it doesn't seem to have a plastic body cladding and the door handles are as if they come integrated with the body. It has a gaping grille on both sides and a mesh grille below the front bumper.


The DBX It has a noticeable rear hip, panoramic sunroof and roof rail

The prototype revealed doesn't have front skid plate to make it look like SUV vehicle. Instead, it's frameless door glass and window make it look more like a sport or race car. It also has a noticeable rear hip, panoramic sunroof, roof rail and the fender vent at front covered with cameo. The DBX SUV will come with LED headlamps, rear taillight strip, diffuser, two exhaust pipe (one on either side) and a small spoiler at the top of the rear hatch which give access to airflow from roof to the ducktail.

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2. Aston Martin DBX Interior speculations

The interior view of the Aston Martin DBX SUV has not been reviewed but speculation can be made based on other Aston models and the DBX exterior look. Judging by some of the Aston Martin models, the DBX SUV is expected to be compacted with a lot of modern and standard interior features for the comfort and convenience of the passengers. These technical features are expected to be logically arranged and their menus and controls should be easy to operate and access.

The new Aston DBX is expected to have a standard infotainment system with 8-10" touchscreen media display. It should also come with an integrated navigation system, AM/FM audio system, bluetooth connectivity for media streaming, USB ports, automatic temperature control, air conditioning system, climatic control, heated seats, 360 dgree camera, electronic steering column, keyless ignition and LED interior cabin lighting.

More so, based on the exterior prototype, the DBX has a sloping roofline which will equivalently make the rear headroom minimal. And with its long wheelbase, there should be enough knee room for the passenger at the back and also a spacious luggage room in the boot for cargo.


The DBX SUV will utilize either a V8 or V12 engine

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3. Aston Martin DBX Engine and Performance

Aston Martin is tight-lipped in revealing the possible DBX SUV engine configuration but it's very obvious that the new Aston Martin DBX SUV will either come with a dual-turbocharged V8 engine like in Vantage AMG or a V-12 Aston engine. If eventually the new DBX SUV comes with the 4.0 Liter dual-turbo V-8 engine, then it will be producing maximum power of 375KW at 6000 rpm and should reach a top speed of 195 mph just like AMG model. The engine will also produce a torque and power falling within about of 625Nm and 503 horsepower respectively.

The exhaust system may also be electrically controlled and made up of catalyzed stainless steel. If this engine is used with a 7-speed manual transmission system, the vehicle stability, traction and acceleration will be perfectly maintained because of the reduced weight and changing of gear will also be made more easier just like the Vantage AMG. With this engine configuration, the DBX SUV will be expected to accelerate from 0- 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds or less.


You know how tough it is by looking at the place it's tested

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However, if the Aston Martin DBX comes with a 6.5 Liter V-12 engine to compete with some of its competitor like the Lamborghini Urus, then the engine should deliver over 600 horsepower. This engine will be expected to produce power of about 715 horsepower if aided with a dual-turbocharger and also make a torque of 663 pound-feet at about 6,000 - 7,000 rpm. The new Aston Martin DBX SUV will also be expected to come with a standard all-wheel drive to maximize its acceleration. A very responsive braking system is also expected in the new Aston DBX.

4. Aston Martin DBX possible upgrades & features

Normally we will expect the DBX SUV to come with lots of high-tech safety features.Some of these expected safety features will include driver and passenger's airbags, automatic braking system, 360 degree camera system, tire presure monitoring system, adaptive cruise control, auto park assist, front and rear packing sensor, side mirrors and blind spot monitoring. Some of these features are likely to be automatically controlled while others will definitely be controlled manually.

Below are some expected features of the upcoming Aston Martin DBX SUV, collected by Naijauto.com!

Exterior features

  • Big rear Ducktail
  • Aluminium Body not Plastic
  • Well Body structure is like some current Aston Martin models
  • LED lighting
  • Long wheelbase and Two exhaust outlet

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For your reference: This is the Aston Martin DBX concept

Interior features

  • LED interior lighting
  • High-tech and standard materials are expected to be used for the cabin design
  • Soft and leather covered seats are also expected
  • A standard infotainment system with about 10" touchscreen display is expected.
  • Standard safety features.


  • Aston single or dual-turbocharger V-12 engine could be used
  • Vantage AMG 4 L dual-turbo V-8 engine may also be used
  • Electrification is also possible to be used
  • A standard all-wheel driving system is also expected

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