Aspiring Tesla rival! Check out the Enovate ME-S from China with a Porsche styling twist


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Enovate ME-S is really taking luxury car into a whole future dimension in terms of design and performance. Check out the Aspiring Tesla rival from China!

It isn’t hard to forget the names of all pure electric models which might include after making their first appearances or those set for production. One that we shouldn’t allow to escape our attention is this 4-door Enovate ME-S sedan concept. It was recently unveiled at the just concluded 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. It features very striking and somehow familiar appearances.

According to Enovate Motors, the production of the ME-S will commence by 2021 and will be powered by 800V battery pack. The new car will be compatible with the charge rate of 300KW. In just 15 minutes, Enovate ME-S will reach an incredible eighty percent of its battery recharge.



With its striking resemblance with Porsche and lookalike Mission E concept rear suicide door

Although no technical detail about this new car was further made known by the startup company especially concerning the powertrain but it was revealed by the company that it will be an all-wheel drive and has the ability to accelerate from a standstill of zero to 62mph in just 3 seconds.

From a standpoint, it does look like Porsche Panamera and the Taycan, which makes this ME-S very attractive and stylish. Alarming similarities were shown by the rear ends and the fact that it will feature suicide door at the rear end is a great reminder of Mission E concept.

We would have been seriously shocked about this striking resemblance with Porsche in its design until we discovered that the Enovate ME-S’s chief designer, Hakan Saracoglu, was also among the designers for models such as Porsche 918 Spyder.

The interior is simply the future as it promises four separate seats with lot of wood spanning over its majority. It also promises more screens to further cement its status as pure concept. The automaker made it known that the new exotic car will come with autonomous tech of Level 4 and 5G for traffic interconnections.


With more screen and four separate seats, beating this future design is indeed a hard nut to crack

The company’s spokesperson when recently speaking with Top gear about the future concept, he said that Enovate is taking Tesla’s path of luxury car production before embarking on affordable ones.

He further said:

We’re still working out the price. We could make it cheaper and sell more, but then your brand drops. For us, we want to start from the top products – luxury – and then go lower, like Tesla,

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Just like many car lovers out there, we simply can’t wait to see this beautiful piece of machine making its first road appearance.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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