1.69 seconds! ₦1b Aspark Owl recognized as the fastest accelerating car on the planet


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The very much anticipated Aspark Owl from the Concept 2017 has finally made its debut in Dubai, set to be the fastest accelerating car in the world. See details!

We have witnessed some insanely fast cars in the world from premium brands such as Bugatti, McLaren, Koenigsegg, Mercedes, Audi and several others. This new model might be the checkmate on the chessboard for these existing speed monsters in term of acceleration. At 38.9 inches in height, Aspark owl is not just the fastest accelerating car in the world, but also the world’s lowest road legal electric hypercar till date. The Japanese supercar automaker will surely become nightmare to other companies with this release.


Which road in Nigeria is a perfect fit for the lowest road legal car electric hypercar on the planet?

We have been getting our mindset for its debut since 2017 when car lovers across the globe were teased with what this hypercar would look like and its potential breathtaking road performance. We thought it was just a fairytale until its prototype successfully hit 96 km/hr in an amazing 1.9 seconds in 2018.

Excitingly, the production version was introduced recently in Dubai, offering an unbelievable 1,984 horsepower and 1,475-pound feet of torque. The production variant met our expectation by accelerating from a standstill of zero to 60 mph in 1.69 secs. It also offers a maximum speed of 248 mph and 450 km in drive range.

In case you are interested in this speed wizard, Aspark is only interested in making just 50 examples of such, and each will come at a whopping price of $3.188m (₦1.15b), which is excluding of shipping fee and clearing cost in Nigeria.

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Aspark Owl exterior design - Stylish and solid on the road

For its exterior design, it features some big changes from the concept that was revealed to us in 2017 and also the prototype. 2 external camera mirrors have been added by the automaker, which is intended to maximize its “elegant appearance with their feminine shape”. This according to them, will aid proper air flows towards right direction.


The presence of rear wing and aerodynamic curves offer a perfectly safe ride when cruising at top speed

Other exterior modifications include a more functional side glass and active rear wing, which is different from the fixed wing featured in the 2017 concept. This rear wing is expected to be automatically functional when the car reaches 93 mph and it will retract at 62 mph. this feature will provide load of downforce to keep the car well planted at speed. It also offers stunning falcon-wing doors and carbon fiber structure.


Aspark Owl offers a 50L of luggage space capable of accommodating small cabin bag, without dragging its acceleration speed

Interior design – Ultimate comfort and safety

For the cabin design, it features standard equipment such as Rear Camera Mirror System (CMS), LED taillights, climate control, USB connectivity, sat-nav, 4 interior display, keyless-go, ambient lighting, battery Monitoring System (BMS), Steering Assistance, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), ABS, ESP and TCS.


The cabin design of the world's fastest accelerating car comes equipped with mouthwatering features

It also features other safety features such as traction control, anti-lock brakes and stability control.

Aspark OWL Electric Supercar 0-62MPH in 1.9 Sec - Walkaround - 2019 Dubai Motor Show

Since it is a fully electric road racer, its fitted battery can generate 1,300 kW in output, which can easily fast charge with a 44 kW system within 80 minutes. This feat is very much possible due to availability of 4 electric motors. We learnt the company is working towards increasing its charging efficiency before the end of 2020.

Masanori Yoshida, CEO of the company, said:

“We were the first company to present the concept of a full-electric hypercar back in 2017. We will be the first to deliver a full-electric hypercar to customers in the second quarter of 2020. And I am really proud of this,”

“We are not only delivering the premium level hypercars to our customers but we also take the full responsibility for after-sales, right level of warranty and full product liability. Additionally we are creating global sales and after-sales network of Aspark branded cars in order to reach our customers at the right moment and in the right place.”

According to report, this 2,012 PS Aspark Owl will be manufactured in Turin, Italy in partnership with Manifattura Automobili Torino.

Meaning of accelerating speed and its importance

Acceleration simply means the rate at which a vehicle increases its speed, which is seen in time at which it reaches such particular speed. Many people often confuse speed with acceleration. Speed is the covered distance in a time unit while acceleration is the rate of speed change.


Acceleration in cars is often confused with speed by many people around the world

Many people usually think that horsepower of the car is the only way to judge its speed and acceleration capabilities. If you must know; torque is as essential as horsepower itself. Torque is the rotational force that comes from the transmission and engine to drive the wheels while the horsepower is the execution of this rotational force. When your car is moving, it is the torque that is doing the bulk of the work. The more torque in the vehicle, the more force needed to accelerate or pull a load with. So, when it comes to acceleration, power is not really important.

Since higher power will lead to a higher speed, achieving peak acceleration can be done by increasing the torque applied by the transmission and the engine.

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Aspark Owl vs other hypercars in acceleration & speed in 2019

Since we know by now that no car on the planet can withstand the accelerating speed of Aspark Owl. We are faced with other big question, which is; how does Owl rank against other super fast cars in the world in the area of top speed and acceleration? See the table below for comparison:




Top speed (mph) Acceleration (0-62 mph) 


Aspark Owl



248  1.9 seconds

Saleen S7 Twin Turbo



248 4.2 seconds

Lykan Fenyr Supersport

800 722.8 249 2.7 seconds
Koenigsegg Regera 1100 944 255 2.8 seconds
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 1200 1106 269.9 2.5 seconds
Hennessey Venom GT 1600 1300 270 3.0 seconds
Koenigsegg Agera R 1160 944 277 2.8 seconds
Koenigsegg Jesko 1280 1106 300 2.8 seconds
Hennessey Venom F5 1600 1300 301 4.4 seconds
Bugatti Chiron 1600 1300 304 2.4 seconds

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