See the all-electric Hyundai Prophecy with suicide doors and joysticks as steering wheel


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Hyundai Prophesy is a stunning all-electric concept car with joysticks in place of steering wheels and suicide doors.

Prominent South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai has reportedly dazzled us with its newly debuted electric concept car dubbed "Prophecy". From what we learnt, the futuristic concept was supposed to make its first appearance at the 2020 Geneva Auto Show, which was cancelled due to the deadly coronavirus.


The Hyundai Prophecy is an all-electric future car with LED headlights and taillights 

A quick look at this Prophecy reveals it appears more like a Model 3 and Porsche 911 mixed together into one final piece. It features a door style similar to what you will find on the Rolls Royce Ghost.


The Hyundai Prophecy is a combination of Model 3 and Porsche 911 in terms of appearance

Some of the breathtaking features on this Hyundai prophecy include the pixelated taillights and headlights, and also the fitted joysticks for steering the car. By implication, this model doesn’t offer a conventional steering wheel. What you will find in place of such are two joysticks, one at the door trim while the other is positioned at the center console. The essence of these joysticks is to provide an intuitive experience while driving. These joysticks will also afford the driver ultimate comfort when pivoting the car from every direction.


The all-electric Hyundai Prophesy offers suicide doors like the luxury Rolls-Royce Ghost

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The interior design features two well-positioned joysticks for pivoting and multiple screens for occupants

Hyundai has offered a variety of functions to the drivers, which can be accessed via the integrated buttons on the joysticks. On the inside, it features a massive screen, spanning the whole length of the car’s dashboard. The screen will not be limited to the front occupants as those at the back will also enjoy the multiple screens fitted inside the interior of this stunning Prophecy concept.

Hyundai Prophecy concept Reveal

We are still unsure if the South Korean automaker is interested in making the road version of this all-electric Prophesy in the future but what we are quite sure about is that: Hyundai isn’t ruling out some of the fascinating features such as pixelated taillights and headlights or even the suicide doors, to be deployed on future models.

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