Sensual feeling! Don’t miss out on the out-of-the-world Alfa Romeo DiscoVolante


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Any better way to catch sexual feeling other than this? See the beautiful concept design of Imnadze for the Alfa Romeo's next big thing!

The automaker, Alfa Romeo, obviously has a strong reputation for the production of some of the most elegant cars you could find in the global auto market. Despite the array of beautiful cars in the Italian Marque’s lineup, none of them comes close to the Guilia sports sedan, in terms of sex appeal.

The passion for styling and the marque’s DiscoVolante not so long ago inspired this new model. Prominent designer Alexander Imnadze Baldini created imagination of what a cloverleaf badge and ultimate performance ride would look like in real life.


The Alfa Romeo DiscoVolante Homage offers two slim LED running lights and headlamps at the front

We doubt it on Naijauto if the automaker  has any plans to manufacture a car that appears this way for track or even regular road use but you surely cannot blame our eagerness to see what the Italian luxury brand has in stock to succeed the remarkable 8C Competizione.

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At the front of the model designed by Baldini, is a couple of slim and low fascia LED running lights, headlamps, fitted into its bodywork. The absence of windshield and availability of the bulging wheel arches seem to drop some jaws. It offers a small pair of pieces of plastic in place of the conventional windshield, which protects the person behind the wheel and other occupants of the car from the wind.


The unimaginble design is a product of notable designer Alexander Imnadze's imagination and ingenuity

A look at the side would give you orgasm on the spot. It comes with a remarkable silver body line, stretching from the front along the two sides while dividing the flowing bodywork and sleek above it perfectly from the found angular design on the lower sides. Looks likes the squared-off rear wheel arches are responsible for the philosophy of this angular design.


This Barchetta/Speedster-styled model doesn't have a windshield but a pair of small plastic to protect the occupants from wind

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The sides and front of this car is a beauty and probably beyond imagination. At its rear, it offers a large diffuser, two round headlights and a car-inspired rain light accustomed to Formula 1. See the video below:

Alfa Romeo 6c DiscoVolante Concept

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