Self-driving Rolls Royce 103EX model year 2035 unveiled with futuristic traits


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The 2035 Rolls Royce 103EX represents everything that Rolls Royce has come to be known for. Engineering and luxury in one body. See the video of this self-driving electric Rolls Royce!

Rolls Royce 103EX is the car being planned by Rolls Royce to debut in 16 years to come … in 2035. 103EX actually stands for the 103rd experimental RR car. Let’s take a look as Supercar Blondie takes us on a tour around its mind boggling features!

Futuristic appearance of 2035 Rolls Royce 103EX

First this looks like no other Rolls Royce car that you have seen. It is boxy like all RR cars but has slightly sloping fronts and side lines.  It almost looks like a yacht at the front, with an almost keel-like facia.

It is also a single door Coupe, but with variations. The variation being that unlike a Coupe there is a wide cabin inside. However, it retains the iconic double “R” grill, and furthermore the RR badge. This time the badge is red instead of black and silver as usual.


One of the biggest differences lies in the car wheel design

The car is covered in plain silver. The wheels of the car are partially covered with a bespoke plate to improve aerodynamics.  We know that Rolls Royce is always utmost luxury, so at the side of the car, there is a side panel opening where you have a special luggage with monogrammed Rolls Royce badge for your travelling. 


Among other things, you can stand upright in the cabin of the 103EX. How cool is that?

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2035 Rolls Royce 103EX complimentary luggage

This opens at hand height for you to pull out the luggage from inside.  In other words, instead of having to bend over to pull the luggage out, it is delivered to you with ease. The inside of the luggage space is all plaited in silver with Rolls Royce inscription on it. The luggage is silver in color with just two wheels instead of the normal four wheels. There is also the customary monogrammed RR umbrella which slides into the only door on the car.


You can pull out your luggage very easily

The roof and doors respectively lift and open, upwards and sideways, allowing you to walk in or out while standing. How about when it rains though? Supercar Blondie who ran us through didn’t really address that, but one would suppose the roof lifting is optional and separately controlled.

When travelling at night, there are red lights underneath the car that projects on the ground about 3 feet away like a red carpet.  So when you are coming out of the car, Rolls Royce reminds you that you are a VIP every time. Also on the body, we see a Rolls Royce badge in red. The reason for the red color is because Rolls Royce uses red badges on their experimental cars only while silver and black is for their everyday releases.

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Simple but top-notch interior of 2035 Rolls Royce 103EX

The single couch that passes for seats is made of silk, and looks wide enough to st 2-3 persons comfortably. On the floor there is a thick, soft, hand woven wool carpet, and dark massive Macassa wood paneling which have completely straight lines. These massive wood panels are very rare and difficult to get so it is a plus for Rolls Royce. Another beautiful thing about this car is the fact that it comes with absolutely no steering wheels. That means the car is autonomous and self-driving.


The interior design looks simple but offers utmost comfort for passengers

This is keeping with the RR tradition, because one could also say from the beginning, the Rolls Royce has been autonomous (driverless car) since you are almost always chauffeured in a Rolls Royce car while reclining at the back, so it looks like the same concept.

It is supposed that the future of the car industry is driverless cars with many companies already leaning in that direction, so this car is supposed to take you on your journey at speeds of up to 300 mph and you don’t have to do anything but sit.

Rolls Royce from the Year 2035!

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2035 Rolls Royce 103EX fully electric powertrain 

Also in keeping with the projected technology for future cars, this Rolls Royce also comes as fully electric. Although no information was give as to the electric motor’s power, we can be sure it is something powerful such as the 62hp of the 2019 Rolls Royce Wraith which is enough to move the Wraith at 155mph. Since this luxury auto palace is expected to travel at almost twice that speed, we wonder what engine it is packing.  There are also no details of drive train, but RR has begun to experiment with All Wheel Drive (AWD) drivetrains so this is conceivably what the 103EX has.  

In this car, we find the customary RR analog clock with lights showing the hour and minute on the dashboard.


Looks like a scene in sci-fi movies but it's all real

2035 Rolls Royce 103EX Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There is also Eleanor, which is the inbuilt Artificial Intelligence bot, a speaking technology inside that introduces you to the car, tells you your schedule for the day and even calls your appointments ahead when there is traffic, and you are likely to be a bit late.  Wonderful, isn’t it?

You must remember that this is an experimental concept car of Rolls Royce, so you can’t expect it to be in RR delivery lists anytime soon. Some negative comments have followed the sneak peek that the video of the car gives us, however with sixteen years to go and given their usual excellence, we bet Rolls Royce will, as usual, mix the spirit of adventure of Charles Rolls and the engineering panache of Henry Royce, that both have instilled in the brand and every Rolls Royce car since, to bring about a luxury car that is simply stunning.

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